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Debt and Denial – During the Tax Season


Greenville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2006 -- With the tax filing date quickly approaching, you must prepare your taxes again, and on time. This time of year, finances are always a priority for us,, “but did the thought ever occur to you that cheating spouses are spending money without telling you?” asks Mitchell.

“Once a cheat always a cheat” as the old adage goes. “If they will cheat on you, count on it - Uncle Sam is next,” adds Mitchell. “And this means possible IRS problems,” Mitchell warns. The problem for most victims of infidelity is denial. Coping with powerful feelings of trust and mistrust keep many in the dark.

Cheating spouses account for millions of dollars each year in travel, gifts, phone charges, and more as they philander. “Taking an assessment of your income and expenses columns, especially in the ‘miscellaneous category,’ will unearth cheating spouses’ wrongdoings,” offers Mitchell.

Tax season can also serve as time for damage control. Start by investigating credit card and bank statements and phone bills - especially cell accounts. Next, turn your attention toward any disappearing acts or business trips during the past year. Make certain you don’t overlook holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas and your spouse’s birthday. These events are just a few important dates to include as you audit your finances.

Each case depends upon the nature of the income, methods of payment, how and where assets are hidden. For example, does the potential exist for your spouse to hide assets through the assistance of a family member, business partner, or out-of-state relative? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you might consider using spyware and a device called the Phone Accountant to track call data and trace email transactions. In some cases, computers may need to be forensically analyzed for erased data on the hard drive.

“Another safeguard for anyone suspecting an affair is to check your credit report,” says Mitchell. Obtaining your credit report may provide information and evidence such as hidden credit history, accounts, or debts. This approach can be used to identify transactions your spouse made without you. Look for banking and routing information revealing any trails to hidden assets or financial surprises.

Use this tax season to secure your financial future, avoid debts, and verify the facts. A troubled relationship brings more than pain. It normally brings debt! You shouldn’t be the last one to know if your spouse is cheating on the government and you.

Bill Mitchell, Seven-Day Detective, is a licensed private investigator in South Carolina with more than four decades of experience. He can be reached at (864) 329-0530 or log on to http://www.sevendaydetective.com.