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Slidell Dentist Provides Sedation Options for Louisiana Implant Patients

Slidell, LA general dentist Dr. Edwin Kopfler provides the latest sedation dentistry techniques and varieties for patients with extreme anxiety about getting crucial implants


Slidell, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2015 --Slidell, Louisiana general dentist Dr. Edwin Kopfler knows that modern implant technology is an ideal solution for many people with missing, broken or decayed teeth that need to be replaced. However, many patients who learn about the process during consultation, or who've had longtime fear and anxiety associated with dentistry, may avoid the benefits of implants because of trepidations about the extensive procedure. Tooth loss is disruptive, embarrassing, and may even be painful if teeth are broken or damaged in some way that affects the nerve. Severely damaged teeth can have negative health effects that reach beyond the mouth, causing bone and muscle trauma when the regular bite pattern is affected. Exposed decay can also lead to other problems throughout the body.

Dental implants have been long considered an ideal method of replacing teeth that provides a permanent fix, improved oral health and a beautiful smile. New implant technology available at Dr. Kopfler's general dentistry practice in Slidell means that patients have more options than ever before when considering implants, or other variations of tooth replacement technology that may be discussed during initial consultation. Modern dental implants mimic the appearance and structure of natural teeth. To replace missing teeth, threaded titanium rods are first surgically inserted into the jawbone, replacing the root. Through osseointegration, the titanium bonds with the natural bone, creating a firm and stable base for the dental restoration piece, which is screwed in and ultimately attached to that titanium root. This creates a solid, permanent dental replacement that behaves just like natural teeth, and re-enables normal chewing, talking and smiling confidence. Dental implants are an important tool for preventing further jawbone deterioration which may follow tooth loss, and can be used to replace multiple teeth or to help stabilize dentures and bridges.

Sedation options while undergoing this helpful and healthy procedure have opened up the possibilities to those who've historically been averse to receiving important dental care, and may be in need of implants but are afraid of the process. Dr. Kopfler's team offers oral sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to set patients at ease while still conscious, with a compassionate, personalized care to create a feeling of well-being that reduces stress while the sedation takes effect. The staff helps each patient comfortably pass through each phase of the operation. Fear of the dentist is common in adults and children alike, but delaying necessary dental care can lead to severe dental problems and other health issues throughout the body. Modern sedation dentistry helps those affected by this phobia to overcome their anxiety and receive their needed dental care. To learn more about tailored sedation treatment for implants, visit Dr. Kopfler online at