Google Glass Now Can Search in Google Places


Murcia, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2015 --Developed for Google Glass™ and launched today (Wednesday 4th February) on MyGlass, the official Glassware directory, Nativo allows a true heads up experience to Explore nearby with a directionally sensitive augmented reality layer of Google business information displayed through Glass.

Nativo is a low intrusion layer of information for the wearer of Glass, that positions icons, place names, user ratings and the distance to the wearer, of business outlets in their immediate vicinity.

Using the Google Places API and utilising the built-in GPS, Nativo takes advantage of the infamous directional sensitivity of Glass to display accompanying useful information to the user and is especially suitable for pedestrian use in unfamiliar urban areas.

Developed by Droiders, Glassware specialists since April 2014, Nativo, which is voice activated from Glass with the command - Explore nearby - is another example of the immense potential of Glass especially when combined with the vast number of available API services that blend local and mobile.

Commenting on the launch of Nativo, Paul Gailey; Marketing Director of Droiders says:

"Wearables optimised for the local environment, hyper proximity and sensitive to a user's immediate vicinity is another step beyond the quantified self.

Haptic feedback on the wrist during street-by-street navigation is a welcome utility as is layered local info peripheral to line of sight through Glass.

There's huge scope for enriching the local experience with wearables for brands that aim to be visible on multiple platforms as they strengthen and ready their local presence.

Nativo (now available on the official Glassware directory) is the first of several exciting apps for Glass and Android Wear that the European team of developers are releasing in February.

Glassware development continues at Droiders and elsewhere and more so now with the announcement of a future consumer version of Glass there are even more reasons to #loveglass.