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Cobra Products Introduces FLEXROUTE Universal Cable Guide to Bicycling Industry

FLEXROUTE®, in Conjunction with Cobra® Low Profile Cable Ties, Provides Aesthetically Pleasing, Highly Durable, and Uniformly Secure Cable Fastening System for all Types of Bicycle Cables and Frames


Hudson, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2015 --Cobra Products Inc., manufacturer and distributor of Cobra® Low Profile Ties, in partnership with Hawken Components, designer of the FLEXROUTE® universal cable guide, creates a complete cable fastening system for use in the bicycling industry. Improper housing of both brake and derailleur cables leads to sluggish shifting, chafing of crossed cables around the bicycle, and potential wear and tear of the bicycle components over the long haul. The FLEXROUTE® cable guide and Cobra® Low Profile Tie combination adds value by not only fastening the bicycle cables to the frame, but also by flexing and forming to each frame, providing uniform traction, which prevents any slippages and scratches to the frame. Cobra Products exclusively distributes the FLEXROUTE® in a bundled package with Cobra® Low Profile Ties—the lowest profile cable tie on the market—along with the tools for installation and removal (which cuts off excess strap without leaving a sharp protrusion that can cause snags, cuts, and abrasions to cables, frames, and users) to bicycle manufacturers, distributors, and retailers and service shops.

The FLEXROUTE® cable guide is made from a flexible, strong, and impact-resistant rubber compound that is suitable to last in extreme temperatures and environments. The open cable portal in the FLEXROUTE® allows for quick cable routing installation. The Cobra® Tie fits easily through the recessed FLEXROUTE® channel to allow users to retrofit, remodel, repair, and restore hydraulic lines, brake systems, and dropper seat posts on different types of bicycles—including mountain bikes, BMX bikes, dirt jumpers, off-the-shelf, and custom-build bicycles. According to Mark Bresnahan, Vice President and General Manager of Cobra Products, "The bicycle industry is constantly evolving and always welcomes innovation. We are kicking off 2015 by introducing the FLEXROUTE® and Cobra® Tie cable management system to the bicycle parts and accessories market. Together, it provides a neat and ingenious fix to the age-old service problem of ensuring front and rear-ends derailleur cables are securely fastened for minimum friction and maintenance, as it is critical to the smooth functioning and quality of the bicycle."

Cobra Products is partnering with Cyclone Bicycle Supply, a prominent worldwide wholesale bicycle supply distributor; Bicycle Technologies International, a distribution company providing over 300 brands and 23,000 bicycle parts and accessories; and Downeast Bicycle Specialists, a full-service bicycle parts and accessories distributor servicing independent bicycle dealers throughout the U.S., with an annual catalog that features thousands of items from over 100 manufacturers around the world. The FLEXROUTE® and Cobra® Low Profile Tie cable management system is a sought-after accessory and will now achieve increased exposure within the bicycling industry with its introduction into these distribution channels. Bresnahan is excited to see this cable management system's availability widen among discerning distributors.

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Cobra Products Inc. is a solutions provider for cable management issues. Cobra Products offers various cable ties that fit diverse harnessing needs. Made in the U.S.A., Cobra® Low Profile Ties are the lowest low-profile nylon cable tie on the market. RoHS and UL compliant, Cobra zip ties offer superior tensile strength and robust quality that stand up well in a wide range of environments. Safer than a traditional tie, Cobra features a smooth, snag-proof contour with no barbs or spikes to injure an installer, technician, or end user. Through their partnership with Hawkens Components, Cobra pairs the Cobra® Low Profile Tie with the FLEXROUTE® cable management system to offer superior cable management solutions that span many industry applications.

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