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Publication Easier with Features in WebAsyst Quick Pages Upgrade


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2006 -- WebAsyst Announces Quick Pages Upgrade. (http://www.quick-pages.net/) The company’s easy-to-use online publication tool with integrated HTML editor is now bigger and stronger. The major new feature added in the update is Publication Themes. This facility allows users to predefine and save layouts for future publishing.

Publication Themes provide for flexible adjustment of all visual elements that appear in the browser: Book Header, Table of Contents, Headings, Page Body, etc. Users can choose from default Themes, or customize and/or create custom Themes. This is especially useful when publishing different Books on related materials - the same branding reinforces their relation.

WebAsyst Quick Pages is part of WebAsyst Suite, a family of communication and collaboration software developed to facilitate teamwork and web-resource maintenance. Other applications in the Suite are Contact Manager, Quick Notes, Project Manager, Issue Tracker and Document Depot. All these applications can be used individually, or combined as a complete software solution.

“WebAsyst is just the application we were looking for,” says Maarten Rotthier, Webmaster for SN Brussels Airlines. “In addition to accessing the tools through a web interface, the Windows client is a handy tool to collaborate in an easy and fast way between our offices worldwide, even when they are not logged in onto our company network infrastructure.”

WebAsyst Quick Pages was developed to create, compile and publish user guides and manuals available online. In addition, this tool allows HTML-inexperienced users to maintain and update websites. Publication Themes is of value to both: user guide books for different products can be published in their brand colors, and textual sections of websites can be surrounded with specific colors to distinguish them in both content and appearance.

“Publication Themes is another step toward satisfying customers’ needs,” says Alexey Bobkov, WebAsyst Suite Lead Developer. “We continue to make more such steps. Even now, we are working on new features for the next update; they will enhance WebAsyst Quick Pages with even greater flexibility and extend fields of application.”