Karl Berger Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Start Manufacturing Retrofit Kit (RFK) Suitable for All D-Cell MagLites

Retrofit Kit (RFK) is a truly wireless charger that will relieve users from buying single use batteries. Creator Karl Berger is looking to raise $90,000 AUD via Kickstarter to start manufacturing Retrofit Kit (RFK).


Cairns, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2015 --Karl Berger has created an advanced, wireless charger that will allow users keep their favorite Maglite® charged all the time. A revolutionary charger, Retrofit Kit (RFK) will save money and help environment protection by helping users renew their investment on Maglite® flashlight.

Use of traditional flashlights involves a high maintenance cost because of batteries that are weak, unreliable, and dull. Retrofit Kit (RFK) will bring a solution to this problem with its Intelligent Battery Module that will combine effortlessly and efficiently with Maglite® D-cell flashlights. With six added functions, users will be able to change the light output. During an emergency, they can also extend the charge in their battery. Simply by clicking the on/off button, users can flick through the different light levels available with the Intelligent Battery Module. They range from 100%, 50%, 25%, 12.5 %, slow flash, and a high-speed self-defense strobe.

The Retrofit Kit (RFK) comes equipped with an LCD display that will keep users informed as to the charge level of the battery, its temperature and how many times it has been charged. In the case of a power outage, the Charger Base Station of Retrofit Kit (RFK) switches on its built-in Emergency Light Array. As a result, Retrofit Kit users are never left in the dark.

The Retrofit Kit (RFK) will also feature a newly designed tail cap that will make it possible to wirelessly charge Maglite® just by sliding it into the Charger Base Station (CBS). This tail cap is impact resistant and fits precisely into Maglite®. Retrofit Kit (RFK) fully utilizes the full capacity of the bulb by incorporating CREE LED into a special heat sink. This ensures that the converted flashlight is able to operate with a real 180 Lumen.

Starting the production of Retrofit Kit (RFK) is an expensive process that involves tooling for the injection molding of the kit components, the quality assembly and testing of the electronics, and the pursuit of more environmentally friendly means of production. The Kickstarter funding goal of $90,000 will help Karl Berger start manufacturing Retrofit Kit. This campaign will end on March 16th, 2015

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About Karl Berger
Karl Berger was born in 1962 and raised on a farm in Konstanz (southern) Germany. He attended college there and as is required, spent several years in the industry after which he returned to school to receive his master's certificate in design and production engineering.