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Avail Clinical Research Is Now Enrolling for an Anxiety Clinical Trial in DeLand, FL

The research team at Avail Clinical is looking for individuals who have been struggling with the symptoms of anxiety and would be interested in a research opportunity. This clinical trial will be providing new insights into how these conditions can best be diagnosed and treated.


DeLand, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2015 --*Want to learn more about the clinical trials being conducted at Avail's clinic in DeLand? Check out the trial page online at www.availclinical.com/trial/anxiety or contact them directly at 386-785-2404.

The Debilitating Effects of Anxiety

Human beings deal with varying levels of anxiety at different times throughout their life. Unfortunately, the symptoms can become crippling under certain circumstances. Anxiety disorders (of which there are several) are the most common mental illnesses in this country. In fact, experts estimate that about 40 million Americans live with some form of anxiety.

The symptoms of this condition can be drastically different from case to case. Some people may only experience a mild level of anxiety while others may be much more severe.

In general, the following could all indicate anxiety to some degree:

- Difficulty focusing on any task
- Distracted quite easily
- Restlessness
- Feeling unusually on edge
- Irritability
- Impatience
- Muscle tension
- Excessive sweating
- Shortness of breath
- Insomnia and other sleep-related issues
- Fatigue
- Nausea
- Headaches

(For more information about anxiety disorders, please visit http://www.availclinical.com/clinical-trials/anxiety/)

Why Are Research Volunteers Needed?

While there are a wide range of treatments available for this type of mental illness, experts say that only 1 in every 3 people with anxiety ever seek treatment. Clinical trials like the ones being conducted by Avail Clinical Research in Florida are providing psychologists with a better idea of how these conditions develop and what types of treatments will be most effective.

Each person that participates in a clinical trial is helping more than they may ever know. Most modern therapies that are available for anxiety disorders wouldn't have been possible unless people had been willing to volunteer. Plus, qualified applicants may receive compensation for their time and any travel-related expenses that are incurred.

Additional benefits for participants may include:

- Gaining access to premium medical care free-of-charge
- Receiving medical treatment without needing to have health insurance
- Gaining the knowledge that they are taking a more direct role in their health care

Study Qualification and Informed Consent

Those who are interested in participating in a clinical trial need to understand that each one has its own set of enrollment criteria. This is an essential aspect that helps to ensure the principal investigators and their research teams are obtaining the most accurate data during the study. Adults who apply for enrollment at Avail's clinic will be screened by one of their friendly and experienced principal investigators.

The other thing that should be understood before enrolling in a clinical trial is the purpose of the informed consent form (http://www.availclinical.com/clinical-study/informed-consent/). Each applicant must sign this form before they can participate in any way. It signifies that the research team has taken the time to inform each applicant about what their participation will entail (both the benefits and the risks). Volunteers also should know that they maintain the right to withdraw from a clinical trial at any point.

Avail's Research Facility and Phase I Capabilities

Avail maintains an impressive 14,500 square clinical research facility that is located right in the middle of DeLand's state-of-the-art medical community. The front door to their facility is only a short walk from the Florida Hospital. Fully equipped with an onsite-laboratory and the latest medical technology, this clinic also maintains full living and recreational facilities in order to keep their patients comfortable during their stay.

Avail Clinical Research has the capabilities to execute on all major clinical trial phases, but it's their Phase I expertise that really sets them apart from other research centers in Florida. They can fully accommodate up to 50 overnight patients comfortably, and their dedicated Phase I staff will ensure that each one feels well taken care of. The upgraded unit makes them the ideal solution for both healthy and patient population trials.

Sponsors and CRO's

Looking for the perfect site to conduct a Phase I study? The initial stages in any new therapy's life cycle are so crucial, it can be really difficult to find a research clinic that inspires total confidence. Avail Clinical Research has all the technical capabilities and access to a diverse and engaged patient population that allows them to successfully execute the most intensive clinical trials. With more than 800 studies under their belt, CRO's and sponsors can feel very confident in this choice.

For more information, please visit http://www.availclinical.com/cro-sponsors/

About Avail Clinical Research
Avail Clinical Research conducts a wide range of clinical trials in DeLand, FL. For more information about these research opportunities, please visit their website (http://www.availclinical.com/trial/) or contact them directly at 386-785-2404.