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27-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed by Tow Truck Driver


Fort Worth, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2015 --On February 6, 2015, a tow truck driver fatally shot a 27-year-old man, Lance Lemons, in South Dallas, Texas. The man, according to the tow truck driver, was allegedly climbing into the driver's vehicle outside of an apartment complex. Now, Lemon's parents are calling for a serious investigation, and say they want answers.

The Details of the Shooting

An ABC WFAA.com news article published on the day of the shooting states that the shooting happened outside of the Flats at Five Mile Creek apartment complex. Lemon was reportedly climbing into the cab of the tow truck when the truck's owner – whose name has not been released – spotted Lemon through his bedroom window and open fired. A bullet hit Lemon in the neck, which was the cause of fatal injury for the young man. Lance Lemon was not armed at the time of death. It is currently unknown what he was doing in the tow truck.

Lance Lemon "Not a Criminal"

Lance Lemon's parents have told reporters and the police that their son was "not a criminal." In fact, Lemon was a young father, and even had a job with the Dallas County Juvenile Department. Rhonda Lemon, Lance's mother, has stated that while her son had no record, the criminal record of the tow truck driver is currently unknown. What is known, however, is that the tow truck driver was in possession of a concealed handgun license from the state of Arizona. Now, Lemon's parents have stated that they're committed to finding out the details of how their son was killed.

Gun Violence a Crime with Serious Penalties in Texas

Lance Lemon is not the first case of an unarmed man being shot and killed; gun violence is on the rise is South Texas and the rest of the United States. What's more, the state of Texas does not impose a minimum age for the purchase of ammunition, require a record of ammunition sales, or require a license for purchasing or selling ammunition. The state also has no laws restricting assault weapons. However, while Texas laws may not regulate the sale of guns and ammunition as strictly as other states, it does have harsh penalties for the use of a weapon against another person, and executes more people than any other state in the nation every year. When a person is charged with a gun crime or other violent crime, they have the right to a fair trial with adequate legal representation, regardless of the circumstances.

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