Technology Yields the First Cost Saving Innovation in 100 Years for Ironing Your Own Clothes

Road Warriors, Soccer Moms and Just About Anybody Else Who Wants to Look Good on the Go Will Love the EZPress. That’s because The EZPress Makes Ironing Clothes Fast and Easy.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2015 --For many people, dry cleaning is an indispensable part of their lives as crisp, freshly pressed clothes are ready to wear quickly and conveniently. Few give a second thought to the mounting expense of dry cleaning week in and week out; it's simply factored into the cost of living. But what if someone could save hundreds of dollars per year by eliminating their dry cleaning expenses with nearly as much speed and convenience? They'd have the EZPress to thank.

That's because The EZpress can save a working professional a fortune in dry cleaning bills by making the ordinarily onerous task of ironing shirts and pants easy – and perhaps even fun. That savings is easily doubled when a family shares the EZPress in their home.

The EZpress is a simple cloth carrying case that attaches to the bottom of an ironing board with three seemingly magical elastic rings inside. The rings are sized and designed to slide inside any shirt and or pair of pants from child size dress shirts to the pant legs of tall adults. The rings are the thing.

It's an established fact that the hardest part of ironing is getting the clothing to lay flat on the ironing board. Bunching and wrinkling is the problem leading to constantly stopping to flatten the shirt or pants which is what makes ironing so much of a hassle. The EZpress is the simple solution as the rings do the hard work in keeping clothing flat against the board making ironing a breeze. Road warriors will appreciate how the total EZpress kit weighs just a few ounces and takes up less space in a carry-on bag than a magazine -- giving them the best professional appearance possible from any hotel in the world.

Unlike most crowdfunding projects that start with just an idea to raise the funds needed to execute even a rough prototype, the EZpress is a fully mature product that was ready for market years ago. A couple of misadventures led to the EZpress never seeing the light of day to even a single consumer despite a perfected design with direct-sales executives ready to pull the trigger on unveiling this lifechanging product to the world. Through no fault of their own, the EZPress inventors were forced to shelve their idea with every intention of introducing it to the public when the time is right.

Thanks to the advent of crowdfunding, that time is now This crowdfunding project seeks to raise the funds they need to see the EZPress into mass production with the EZPress being sold directly to the public. This streamlined business model eliminates the middleman the original catalog-based sales plan called for giving consumers substantial savings on a proven product thanks to a lower markup. Backers of this crowdfunding project will enjoy the best possible savings not only on the purchase of the EZPress itself but the hundreds of dollars they'll save each and every year on dry cleaning bills.

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