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Psychologist Develops Program to Solve Money Related Hindrances


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/17/2015 --57% of the people in Western countries want to do something with their career and do not have enough funding for it. People stay in jobs that do not fit and think they have not enough money to do what they really love. This keeps them in a loop of fear and results eventually in unhappiness, stress and burnout.

Psychologist Lonnie van Son has developed a method to help people to break through money issues.

"Money issues are a reflection of psychological processes that tell you what the subconscious programming within you is."

She did cross-case oriented analysis about the factors that prevent people to live their dreams and found 3 essential ingredients:

1) Limiting beliefs.
2) Past experiences.
3) Lack of connection with inner wisdom.

"All 3 factors can be cleared by becoming aware of them, using the right techniques and by tuning in to your own truth. Everybody can do this."

How to do it?

"You can take the following action steps to find your own truth and to let go of all obstacles to start right away with living the life of your dreams: find out what beliefs about money you have exactly; develop a lifestyle that is compatible with your dreams; create a clear plan in connection with your authenticity and make different life choices."

Lonnie has developed programs for people who experience mental exhaustion, lack of interest, dissatisfaction and burnout. In the programs, she guides open-minded people through every step with innovative techniques and ongoing support. The global connections with like-minded people in the programs give the participants the right reinforcement to make real life shifts every week.

About Lonnie
Lonnie is a clinical and organizational psychologist, who combines Eastern and Western methods in a way that gives fast and long lasting results. She helps people to live a life without financial stress, a life with more freedom, purpose and inner spark. She does this by integrating scientific knowledge with deep spiritual wisdom. Lonnie works globally and travels over the world, which is one of her passions.

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