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Family Business, RaptorCow Launching Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Build Communities


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/17/2015 --Ted Edwards (CEO) and his parents Lesa (COO) and Lew Edwards (Director) founded RaptorCow™ in August 2014 to be closer together. They agreed that if they were going to do anything that it had to be something that supported family and gave back to the community.

RaptorCow™ is a new online marketing and local advertising company promoting community interaction with its deals and coupon platform

Why? Because mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons (Borrell Associates 2013) and 70 million mobile coupons were redeemed in 2013 with an aggregate value of $2.1 billion (Location Based Marketing Association 2013).

The official launch of the deals platform coincides with the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and is scheduled to start on January 31, 2015. But that's just the surface of what this innovative family company is about.

As deals are redeemed on, RaptorCow donates to a program in one of three areas: Community, Education, and Family. The founders believe that one person can make a difference and everyone who uses their services is doing their part to strengthen our communities.

"Our Philanthropic Mission is something we take pride in and this venture is not just concerned with dollars and cents," says Ted Edwards, CEO/Co-Founder of RaptorCow.

"This is why our business model is designed to directly support that idea through partnering with local chambers of commerce, small business associations, aiding charities, and donating to programs helping those in need - we wouldn't have it any other way,"

RaptorCow™ promotes using local businesses through their "RC Shades". Simply put, they're sunglasses with a message behind them. They are the wearer's statement that they support local and family businesses and of course "they are the coolest way to save money". There are a variety of colors and styles, all designed with the RaptorCow logo on the side. You can get a pair from one of the scheduled RaptorCow™ promotional events, entering one of their contests, or directly from a donation on Indiegogo as a gift.

The $50,000 goal will provide the company with things like new computers, the ability to continue platform improvements, a support staff and the means to expand to all of LA and eventually most of southern California. The funding will also allow them to complete the development of their App.

"RaptorCow has grown a lot with just the three of us, but we realized we need help from our community," Ted says.

Reaching their funding goal of $50,000 would support them through all of 2015 and at $65,000, the young business would be able to continue unhindered for an entire calendar year.

To donate or to learn more about RaptorCow's funding campaign, go to

There backers can show support and share the campaign with your friends and family.

"We are always open to talk to everyone so please contact us if you have questions or just want to say 'Hi'. We will respond to you personally and appreciate all of your support."

About RaptorCow is a division of Forty-Four the company. is a local, family-owned deals and local directory website with features unlike any other website. Our goal is to drive customers to local businesses front doors and grow an online community that is mutually beneficial for the business and the consumer. Take a moment to look over all the features that our websites have to offer and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship!