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Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/18/2015 --Canadian documentary producer Anthony Bérubé publishes his documentary "Through Africa Eyes" at Vimeo - Video On Demand.

Producer/Director Anthony Bérubé accompanies Dennis Courtland Hayes, an Afro-American former chief lawyer and interim president & ceo of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Inc. (NAACP), to West Africa where Mr. Hayes offers in-depth commentary on his African homeland and why American blacks must run to a fuller understanding of their African heritage. Travelling from Ghana, through Togo, and into Benin West Africa, the richness of many first-time observations raises Dennis' consciousness about how black Africans, Afro- Americans, and African Americans can truly help each other. From the emotional visits to slave forts, a detailed look at one of the world's first religions (Voodoo), spontaneous village performances of traditional music and dance, to bustling cities juxtaposed to the sparsely populated northern West African Sub-Sahara, Mr. Hayes questions and invites more probing analyses of American history books and news reports that are responsible for their miseducation, and discerns a unified black America through its greater understanding of self.

Producer/Director Anthony Bérubé also interviews West Africans from all walks of life, asking them what they want to see happen in order for Africa to keep moving forward. Incisive views are expressed about how the modern world can intertwine with the rich traditions of Africa.
Five years in the making, Through African Eyes is a bold look at Africa, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. A must see during Black History Month.

About Anthony Bérubé
Anthony Bérubé, owner and President of Productions Anthony Bérubé Inc., is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A true veteran of the industry, he draws upon his vast experience of over 35 years in video and audio productions to establish a unique style towards all of his productions. He is constantly improving his skills as cameraman, director of photography, sound specialist, editor, as well as producer and director. He believes in the hands on theory. He has extensive experience in aerial photography and underwater photography. He has worked in England, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Benin in Africa, Dubai in the Arab Emirates, and virtually all of the United States of America and Canada and north on Baffin Island. He is very aware of the hardships and complications that remote location productions can create from the sweltering equatorial heat to the frigid Arctic.

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