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Logic Dictates That Project Management Should Be Easy


Project Management Made Simple With Easy Projects .NET

Toronto, ON, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2006 -- The human mind is the source that creates great technological advances, which help make life more efficient. Whether automobiles or air conditioning, Cat-scans or computers, jet engines or the Jacuzzi, the purpose of the invention is to make life easier for the masses.

Logic Software Inc. has embraced this concept with the release of Easy Projects .NET, one of the most advanced web-based systems for project management and task tracking.

In 2002, Easy Projects .NET was spawned by the frustration felt by executives of Logic Software, who recognized the need for a management system that was straightforward, easy to use and not bogged down with nonessential features.

"Our company strongly needed a tool to mange our own projects," said Fred Jones, VP of Operations for the Toronto-based Logic Software. "We tried several out-of-the-box solutions as well as some open-source products. However, we got frustrated with all the available tools and decided to create something that would give more flexibility to us and our customers."

The Logic Software team saw the problem as three-fold. First, most open-source products were severely lacking in design and support. Second, the project solutions were more like project disillusions, with some of the biggest players in the software world providing products that were overloaded and complex. And third, the pricing on these products was way over the line.

These three factors led to the creation of Easy Projects .NET, which has become an immediate hit with all of Logic Software's customers.

"Easy Projects provided an excellent foundation for managing our projects," said Ganesh Kumaraswamy, Senior Developer of IT at the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation. "With the source code licensing, we were able to easily customize the software and add our own modules, such as a call center data entry screen and corporate knowledge base."

The source code feature is just one of the ways Easy Projects .NET distinguishes itself. User-friendly installation and set-up is where Easy Projects .NET easily trumps the competition. Furthermore, an intuitive interface lets businesses focus on their own project without the hassle of decoding an entire system.

Features like multi-nesting give a customer access to an unlimited number of projects and tasks with as many sub-levels as necessary. Email notifications, ready-to-use reports and a built-in issue tracking system are just a few of the high-tech advancements found within Easy Projects .NET. The benefits provided by Easy Projects .NET, which is accessible anytime via the Internet, helps companies protect their most valuable resources - time and money.

"The time savings translates to cost savings," said Kenny Young, President of Sheer Vision Technologies Inc. "Easy Projects .NET has helped us save about an hour a week per team member. . Needless to say, we are very happy with Logic Software's product and services."

It's easy to see why Young and some of the world's most successful companies like COX Communications rely on Easy Projects. NET. Productivity, profits and communication are fundamental principles for any successful business, and Easy Projects .NET improves all three. Real-time project information, reduced paperwork and centralized data keep team members informed and producing. Accurate quotes and estimates help profits soar. And file sharing, message boards and email keep all project members in the loop.

When companies begin to brainstorm on what the best solution is for their project management needs, the accountants tend to cringe. But Logic Software has created a customized pricing system that's unmatched by any competitors. Using project management programs requires a separate access license for each user, whether they're a member or a customer. This can be costly and makes little sense since most customers typically don't need full access. Easy Projects .NET has created the solution with its "Limited User" plan, an account that streamlines costs by giving users the access that's necessary.

"Running a business is hard enough, so project management should be easy," said Jones. "No company wants to get tied down with a convoluted and messy system. Easy Projects .NET gives companies the tools and features they need, not the bells and whistles that are a waste of precious time and money."