Back Acres Farm Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Feed the Hungry in Georgia

Reaching their funding goal will enable farmers Steven & Christine Atwood to provide fresh meat to people who can’t afford to eat.


Carrollton, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/20/2015 --The Atwoods have a simple yet noble goal; to donate good meat to those who need it most. Their immediate plans are to donate their finished hogs to the hungry with a long-term goal of also donating entire steers of beef to feed the hungry. The only hurdle in front of them is getting their farm off the ground.

Rather than reinventing the wheel of establishing their own food distribution network, they identified existing charities in the greater Atlanta area that already fight hunger every day. The plan is to deliver healthy meat fresh from their farm to Catholic and Christian food pantries as well as secular organizations, such as local soup kitchens.

The epitome of grateful, the Atwoods want to give back to those who are not nearly as fortunate as they are. They feel blessed by their three loving, well-mannered children and their secure place in life. Noticing the alarming trends of more and more people than ever unable to find good paying jobs, or any job at all, coupled with the skyrocketing costs of pork and beef. When faced with drastic drops in income along with ever-increasing food costs, the Atwoods concluded that too many people are not just pinched; they're squeezed from both sides.

Looking to cut down their own grocery bills, they decided to raise their own pigs for food. After they started pig farming they immediately received generous dividends. That's because they were surprised by how much meat they were able to get from a single pig. This pleasant discovery inspired them to a start a self-sustaining farm to help feed people. Since they don't need to make a living farming, they have a distinct advantage in being able to devote more resources to supply as much fresh meat as they can to as many people as possible.

Having purchased a 37 acre tract of land free and clear a few months ago, they planned on selling the timber from the land to raise the capital they needed to get the farm started. While they did bring in a fair amount, there wasn't enough money to see their plan come to fruition as they envision it.

The Atwoods set a $25,000 crowdfunding goal which will enable Back Acre Farms to get started in raising pigs in sufficient quantity to produce a meaningful amount of pork to feed the hungry with an eye on expanding to cattle so they can provide beef as well. Of urgent need is a well for water, a pole barn, fencing to keep the pigs in and installing electricity in the barn and furrowing pens. All excess funds raised will be fully invested in expanding into cattle farming so phase two of their generous mission can begin.

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