Carlos Lopez and Jason Reilley Unveil Brand New Crowdfunding Platform ToyBacker

The first FUNding site dedicated specifically to toys, inventors, developers, start-ups and everyday people with extraordinary toy ideas.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/20/2015 --Things are getting serious in the toy business. When raising funds for new toy designs or toy-related ideas, potential crowdfunders had their choice between Kickstarter and Indiegogo – until now. Startup ToyBacker is focused on the toy industry to give toy designers, inventors and creators a crowdfunding platform to call their own. "I see this as a masterstroke in the evolution of the crowdfunding world," according to Howard Sherman, considered one of the foremost experts on the crowdfunding industry. "What Carlos and Jason have created here is the ultimate toy store," he added.

With ToyBacker, every toy has time in the spotlight on a platform that's all about toys. With very few exceptions, some of the best ideas for new toys never see the light of the day. Thanks to the democratic crowdfunding process, people can vote with their dollars to own new toys that the biggest players in the toy industry won't even take a look at. Although ToyBacker can be used to seek crowdfunding for any purpose or product such as iPhone cases, Bluetooth-enabled kitchen gadgets, new books and films, etc., toy-related crowdfunding projects get top priority at ToyBacker and therefore get more attention.

Adhering to the "all or nothing" approach to crowdfunding, ToyBacker only collects its 4% fee from successful crowdfunding campaigns making every new crowdfunding project a risk-free proposition. The "all or nothing" approach demands discipline on the part of the crowdfunder to do everything they can to put together an accurate budget of exactly what they need to make their new toy happen. The proven strategy of stretch goals can be kept in a crowdfunder's back pocket to help them exceed original funding goals, usually to the benefit of crowdfunding backers who can get cooler, better toys with eye-popping features.

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About ToyBacker
ToyBacker was born when two lifelong friends and self-proclaimed "toy geeks" Carlos Lopez and Jason Reilley, found themselves clamoring for more innovation and newness in the toy industry. Recognizing they could not do it all themselves, they thought, what better way than a crowdfunding platform to make any toy lover's dream come true? So they called a few friends in the industry and asked around to see if their idea to have a crowdfunding website dedicated to toys was worth exploring. The feedback was so amazing Jason and Carlos decided to create ToyBacker.