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Vernon Hills Dentist Introduces New Technology for Illinois Patients and a 2-Minute Maximum Appointment Wait Time

Illinois cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Craig Schussler provides new digital x-ray, intraoral camera, DIAGNOdent and WaterLase technology for patients seeking a variety of treatments, with the fastest appointment wait time in the area


Vernon Hills, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2015 --Vernon Hills, Illinois cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Craig Schussler is now offering a collection of the latest tools and technologies available for patients undergoing general, cosmetic and emergency dental procedures. Among the leading-edge technologies available are digital x-ray machines, laser equipment and intraoral cameras. Digital x-ray machines reduce discomfort and radiation exposure while providing more detail and data to the dental staff for better assessment of dental health. Intraoral cameras allow both the doctor and patient top zoom in on highly-accurate digital imagery, to examine and diagnose conditions. The advanced DIAGNOdent laser detects decay in hard-to-reach back teeth, and the WaterLase laser system has a multitude of useful applications for reducing pain and recovery time for patients.

DEXIS Digital X-rays are now available for incredible detail, convenience and speed. This tool uses a small electronic sensor to capture a highly-detailed x-ray image. Once exposed, this image is transferred directly to a computer screen, enabling immediate viewing and diagnosis. This technology reduces radiation exposure and provides safer, more accurate findings than traditional x-ray film.

New to the practice, intraoral cameras allow doctors and patients unprecedented access to difficult-to-reach regions of the mouth, providing more accurate views and detailed zoom-in capabilities, enabling earlier diagnosis and detection by doctors and the chance for patients to see what the dentist sees, increasing awareness and providing a better understanding of hygiene best practices.

The new DIAGNOdent laser is a highly specialized laser detection tool used to locate decay in the mouth's far reaches, providing an incredible amount of detail and allowing dentists and patients to treat early signs of decay before they result in lost teeth, which may require bridges, implants or fillings if left unattended. Early detection of decay allows removal before drilling or anesthetic become necessary.

The WaterLase water laser system is useful in a myriad of treatment scenarios, including tooth decay removal, eliminating the need for novocaine in many instances. The WaterLase system can also remove gum tissue with little to no post-operative discomfort, while enabling accelerated healing and reducing recovery and downtime. The water-based laser can treat painful canker sores, allowing quicker healing an improved comfort.

Dr. Craig Schussler is able to offer all these advanced technologies while also boasting the best wait-times in the area. Gone are the days of waiting long past the scheduled appointment for the dentist or hygienist to become available - Dr. Craig Schussler and his team see patients within 2 minutes of their appointment time at maximum.

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