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Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2015 --The shipping supply chain is made up of several moving parts that work together to convey products from their place of origin to a final destination. What goes on behind the scenes is invisible to most, but this finely tuned system involves a high degree of organization, tracking and documentation. Since it can be confusing for businesses to understand who's responsible for what, freight forwarding expert Craters and Freighters Phoenix breaks down the process.

"When a business decides to pursue the dynamic world of exporting, it soon realizes there are numerous barriers to overcome to get their products to a final destination," said Dennis Davies, president and owner of Craters & Freighters Phoenix. "This is where freight forwarding comes into play."

A freight forwarder, or forwarding agent, is a specialist that helps individuals and companies move items and goods from a manufacturer or producer to a market or overseas destination. It's important to note that freight forwarders don't actually move the cargo, but rather hire and manage carriers to move it. These transport agents are experts in calculating costs, recommending packing methods and types of transit, and are extremely knowledgeable in import and exports rules, regulations and documentation.

- Document Review. Once an order is ready to ship, the freight forwarder reviews and double-checks all of the necessary paperwork for accuracy. There are a number of important documents involved in this type of transfer. These include a Bill of Lading, a contract between the goods owners and the carrier and a Commercial Invoice, a bill for the goods from the seller to the buyer used to determine the actual value of goods for customs. Another document is the Certificate of Origin which is a signed statement that identifies the place where the item originated. Finally, an Export Packing List itemizes shipments by product, type of packaging container, gross weight and measurements. Without proper documentation a shipment could be delayed for weeks.

- Broker versus Freight Forwarder. There's a big difference between a broker and a freight forwarder, particularly as it relates to the law and accountability. Freight forwarders are technically considered "carriers" and held to the same standard for claims responsibility and cargo insurance as the carriers themselves. Brokers are not considered carriers and generally cannot be held liable for any claims in the event of a loss. A freight forwarder has a greater vested interest in making sure shipments arrives safely and damage free.

Craters & Freighters, a leader in specialty freight solutions, has unsurpassed expertise in freight forwarding. The one-source packing and shipping company understands every aspect of the supply chain including transportation. Their extensive knowledge of security clearance issues and proper packaging and crating reduces the risk of damage during transport. Craters and Freighters also offers volume based shipping rates that enable competitive pricing.

"Whether you're jumping head first into the export business or wading in gradually, having a knowledgeable and skilled shipping company like Craters & Freighters on your side will help the process move smoothly, cost-effectively and with the utmost reliability," added Davies.

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Craters & Freighters Phoenix provides local businesses and residential clients with expert packing, crating and worldwide shipping services. Unlike traditional shipping companies, there are no weight and size limitations or minimums. Opened in 1992, it is one of the oldest and most successful franchises in the Craters & Freighters family and has expertly shipped over 100,000 items since then, all with an unmatched level of care and expertise.