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StockRing Launches iPhone App to Make Searching for Hot Stocks Easy

A new iPhone App allows users to share their opinions about 3,000 stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2015 --An Orange County, California startup - StockRing, Inc. – just released a new iPhone App called "Buy-Sell-Hold Stocks" that searches for great stocks to buy and recommends them to users. Users, in return can agree or disagree with the Buy rating by voting for or against each stock. At the same time all Users can see a screen inside "Buy-Sell-Hold Stocks" iPhone App that would list all stocks that received the most "likes". Also, if user really loves the stock he could add it to his portfolio inside the app. So at any time the app displays the most "Loved" stocks that users added to their real portfolios.

Eric Katsov, StockRing Co-Founder, also notes that "such social aspect inside the iPhone App allows users to help each other to find great stocks to buy at any given time". Since users can take away their likes for any stock at any time the list of most popular stocks is constantly being updated and all users can contribute to the selection of the most quality stocks on the market.

Alexander Voloshko, also StockRing Co-Founder, points out to "massive amount of stock data that is crunched for users to come up with the best possible stocks to buy at any given time. It would literally take humans hours to research what this App does in nanoseconds."

About StockRing, Inc
Stockring, Inc is an early stage Start-up incorporated just in January of 2015 in Irvine, CA. StockRing develops search engines for the stock market to help users to find great stocks to buy and profit from the stock market trading. The company already has a product - an iPhone App called "Buy-Sell-Hold Stocks" – and a website In both places users can find great stocks to buy on the stock market and see opinions of other users of the app.

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