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Trinity Mills Chiropractic Provides Care for New and Expectant Mothers to Aid in Healthier, Happier Pregnancies

Dallas, Texas Chiropractor, Dr. Mark Harris of Trinity Mills Chiropractic encourages new and expectant mothers to seek chiropractic care for healthier pregnancies and deliveries


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2015 --During the nine months of pregnancy, women's bodies experience a vast number of changes in an extremely condensed time frame. Oftentimes, this change in shape and weight can throw a woman's center of gravity off balance, causing unique aches, pains, and health ailments. While doctor's visits during pregnancy are quite common to ensure the health of the new baby, Dr. Mark Harris is encouraging women to also take steps to ensure their own health and well being before, during, and after pregnancy as well. Chiropractic care in all stages of pregnancy can help women achieve a happier, easier, and more comfortable pregnancy.

In typical cases, pregnant women gain between 25-35 pounds before delivering their new baby. Although weight gain happens gradually over nine months, its concentration in the lower abdomen puts considerable stress on the spine and pelvis, which can result in lower back pain. Additionally, hormonal changes during pregnancy cause joints and ligaments to loosen, which can also lead to the skeletal system being off balance. Chiropractic care while planning to get pregnant, during pregnancy, and after labor and delivery ensures good posture, which also has a positive effect on overall health and well being.

Women who are planning to get pregnant in the near future can benefit from regular chiropractic care as it can prepare their muscles, bones, and nerves to be strong, flexible, and balanced enough to carry the pregnancy properly. During pregnancy, chiropractic care is a completely safe, natural, and drug-free method to reduce pain and discomfort of the bones, joints, and nerves. Adjustments of the back and neck can help with skeletal alignment that often becomes unbalanced as women compensate in different ways for their changing figure. Many women who received chiropractic care during their pregnancy also reported shorter, more pleasant deliveries.

After labor and delivery, women's bodies must once again adjust to a changing shape and lifestyle. Many women suffer from back and neck pain due to breastfeeding, poor posture while holding the baby, and other lifestyle changes. This chronic pain can lead to even more fatigue that amplifies the stress that can come with adjusting to a newborn's schedule. Chiropractic care after childbirth can help ease those aches and pains as the body is adjusted back to its proper state.

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Dallas chiropractor Dr. Mark Harris who leads the team at Trinity Mills Chiropractic has more than three decades of experience in the chiropractic field. Dr. Harris and his staff offer traditional chiropractic services along with care for car accident injuries, massage therapy, and nutritional counseling.

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