Bella's Cookies

Bella’s Cookies Releases All Natural and Organic Easter Cookies


Milton, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2006 -- Bella's Cookies, Delaware's 1st all natural and organic cookie company, released their much anticipated Easter cookie lineup this week. Among the holiday themed creations are cookies that utilize dried fruit, organic jelly beans, and a bar cookie inspired by the company's recent trip to the Caribbean.

With Easter just around the corner, Bella's Cookies of Milton, released their special holiday lineup this week and awakened many all natural and organic treat lovers’ taste buds. Easter holds a confectional reputation of baskets filled with jelly beans, marshmallow goodies and chocolate rabbits, but this year… for those concerned about what ingredients are in their holiday treats, there's Bella's Easter creations. "At Easter, people want a spring themed delight... that means a lot of color, a lot of flavor,” said Mark Leishear (Director of Sales & Marketing). “We just recently started using natural food colorings in our icings; they’re derived from natural pigments found in fruits and vegetables… they look great, and they’re nothing artificial in them.”

Among the 2006 Easter creations are Bon Bons, Sugar Bird Nests, Lemon-coconut almond bars, Debutantes, and a variety of gift options. The Bon Bons come as an assortment and are each filled with either dried apricots, organic chocolate, or walnuts and retail for $7.00 a dozen. The Sugar Bird Nests comprise a round sugar cookie topped with an all natural and organic butter cream frosting, a mound of coconut and organic jelly beans; they sell for $6.00 for a half dozen. The lemon-coconut almond bars, Debutantes, and gift options range in price from $6-$24.

Throughout cookbooks, Easter cookies are something everyone admires… whether it’s for their bright colors or flavorful combinations. As "cleaner" ingredients in food products continue to be pursued among customers, Bella’s offers their all natural and organic creations. “All these special cookies will disappear right after Easter” said Leishear “but there are new signature cookies and breakfast cookies coming out as our new kitchen nears completion.” One of those new signature cookies includes a creation with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery’s all natural Brown Honey Rum.

Bella's Cookies is Delaware's 1st all-natural and organic cookie company, specializing in the aforementioned and vegan breakfast cookies. Cookies can be ordered by calling 302-684-8152 or by visiting