What's the Difference Between Daily Deal and Coupon Sites?

These websites find the best deals and coupons around the web, helping customers find the right things at the right price.


Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2015 --It's hard to think of a world without the internet. The World Wide Web has had a profound effect on world of today. Influencing everything from how people communicate to the way individuals read the news. Perhaps the internet's biggest impact has been on the way consumers shop and buy goods. Coupon and Daily Deal Sites have been incredibly popular among online deal hunters and though they both can help shoppers save money, there are some key differences that savvy shoppers should keep in mind. So let's take a deep dive into the ocean of online bargain hunting.

Before the internet came around, black belt shoppers had to spend hours scouring store mailers, searching newspapers and even traveling from store to store to find great deals. Time is money and with the price of gas these days, hunting for deals this way just isn't feasible anymore. Everyone is looking for the best deals and the World Wide Web provides consumers with a fast and easy way to grab those deals from the comfort of their own homes. Unlike Brick & Mortar Stores & Marketplace Discount Shops, coupon and daily deal sites work a little bit differently. Here is what costumers can expect.

Coupon Sites
These websites find the best deals and coupons around the web, helping customers find the right things at the right price. By doing all the leg work, coupon sites provide shoppers with a list of all the coupons, sales, promotions, and deals on the net. Whether someone is in need of a store coupon or the hottest deals by category, they'll find the latest coupon codes, promo codes and sale discounts from popular online stores like Newegg, Walmart, Amazon and eBay. fatwallet.com, for example, is a coupon site that aims to provide this service for coupon clipping consumers.

However the process on sites like these isn't as simple as point and click. Coupon sites don't actually sell you anything. They simply find the deals and pass the information on to their subscribers. When shoppers find a deal they want, they then need to click and navigate to the place on the web where the deal or coupon is being offered. Costumers will often need to create additional accounts and sign up with these stores to get access to the deals. Though coupon sites make the process easier, there is still some work involved to enjoy the savings. It's also important to note that offers are subject to change without notice. Some exclusions may apply based upon merchant policies.

Daily Deal Sites
These sites simplify the process of getting the best deals online and make it even easier to save money. Daily Deal Sites offer a "Deal of the Day" in different categories until sold out. Frequently, shoppers who subscribe to these websites get merchandise deals for just the cost of shipping or save up to 90% on purchases. Two top players for these daily deals are Woot.com and Yugster.com for example, works with different vendors to secure great deals and then passes those savings on to the costumers. All transactions are handled on the site and all customer service interactions are directly with Yugster.

With these sites, the saving process is simple. Just check the website each day or subscribe to the email list for the great deals being offered. If the deal isn't gone, grab it and feel like a super smart shopper. Shoppers can expect to find great deals on laptops, TV's, headphones, home and garden items and just about everything else under the sun.

About Yugster
Yugster.com, founded by Alden Research, LLC, is based in Salt Lake City, UT, and is a leading daily deals, Internet based website. New deals of the day are available every morning at 6am EST. Yugster is successful at having the lowest prices online for their daily deals, which is their mission, at least 99% of the time.

So grab the computer, smartphone or tablet, and use this new knowledge to grab some great stuff and start saving money.