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Tip Sheet: Non-CDL Buses Are Saving Organizations Money

Atlantic Bus Sales helps organizations save money with a tip sheet explaining how non-CDL buses are the best choice for transportation.


Pompano Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2015 --As businesses and non-profit organizations continue to work with tight budgets, many are using non-CDL buses and vans to transport people while saving money. When compared to larger buses that require a CDL to operate, non-CDL buses and vans are much less expensive. Here is how organizations are saving money with these vehicles.

1) Less Expensive to Buy

Most obvious, non-CDL buses and vans are less expensive to purchase than traditional larger buses. Any comparison of a shuttle bus for sale and a larger mid-size or coach bus for sale will quickly show this. Many people, however, are surprised at how much they can save by opting for a non-CDL bus.

2) Cheaper to Operate

Non-CDL buses are less expensive to operate than traditional buses for two reasons. First, they require less gas to run because they weigh less. As diesel prices rise, the amount of money organizations save by running a non-CDL bus or van increases.

Second, drivers do not need a CDL to operate a non-CDL bus or van. Professional drivers who have a CDL license command a high wage. Often the wage is more than non-profit organizations can afford. The salaries of non-CDL drivers are much lower.

3) Lower Insurance Premiums

Non-CDL buses also have lower insurance premiums than CDL buses. The difference in insurance payments between non-CDL buses and traditional buses is substantial, and the monthly savings offered by non-CDL buses quickly add up.

Businesses and organizations that rely on a non-CDL bus or van save money while remaining professional in transport obligations or additional services. Many organizations use these vehicles to transport smaller groups of people, which would not fill an entire bus. Hotels, churches, prisons and limo companies all use these vehicles. They are an ideal solution for organizations that need a smaller shuttle bus.

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