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Folsom, CA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Thomas Ludlow Introduces Fastbraces for Straighter Smiles Within Weeks

Dr. Thomas Ludlow of Expressions of Dentistry Helps Patients Achieve Straighter Smiles Within Weeks Through Fastbraces Technology


Folsom, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2015 --Patients in Folsom, California who are seeking straighter smiles but don't want to endure years of conventional metal braces can now enjoy straighter smiles within several weeks or just a few months through the Fastbraces technology offered by Dr. Thomas Ludlow of Expressions in Dentistry. Fastbraces not only offer a shorter, less painful treatment period, but also provide patients with a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance during treatment as well.

Conventional braces involving metal brackets and wires may take years of treatment to provide a perfectly aligned smile. Additionally, traditional braces often require extractions of teeth and can result in delayed root movement. Fastbraces, however, result in immediate root movement, don't require extractions, and can take only about 20 weeks to correct mild to moderate misalignment and crowding of teeth. With Fastbraces Clear, patients can enjoy clear brackets and wires that present a dramatically improved aesthetic experience when compared to traditional metal braces.

The science behind the expedited treatment time of Fastbraces can be seen in the different brackets and wires that are used. Fastbraces brackets are triangular in shape instead of the square shape of conventional braces. Additionally, the wire used with Fastbraces is square-shaped, super-elastic, and made with nickel and titanium. This results in a system that torques and uprights the root of the tooth at the same time, as compared to conventional braces that must do this in two different phases.

To the surprise of most patients, Fastbraces are very affordable and can even be less expensive than conventional braces, particularly for their fast treatment times. Fastbraces patients also report much less pain and discomfort during the process as their teeth are moving when compared to patients with conventional braces.

The Fastbraces technology offered by Dr. Ludlow in Folsom, California have become particularly popular with adult patients who have always wanted a straight, beautiful smile but didn't want to endure the long treatment times and awkward look of conventional braces. With Fastbraces, and particularly Fastbraces Clear, these adult patients are able to achieve their dream smile within weeks without having to significantly alter their appearance.

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