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Chiropractor in Marlton, NJ Introduces Walk-in Policy for Immediate Patient Treatment

Dean Chiropractic & Pain Relief in Marlton offers patients walk-in treatment with no appointment needed


Marlton, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2015 --Patients in Marlton, NJ seeking chiropractic treatment will no longer have to wait for a scheduled appointment in order to receive care. Dr. Sauté K. Dean of Dean Chiropractic & Pain Relief offers walk-in treatment with no appointments required for patients to receive treatment. Patients can be seen right away without an appointment Monday-Thursday.

Dr. Dean and his staff know that patients who need immediate chiropractic attention don't want to wait in pain for several days just to be seen at a scheduled appointment. With the walk-in policy offered at Dean Chiropractic & Pain Relief, patients can get treatment for their pain immediately. Dr. Dean and his staff can also be reached on the weekends for emergency care.

Patients may be treated at Dean Chiropractic & Pain Relief for a variety of conditions, including spine-related issues such as back pain, headaches, sciatica, and scoliosis, along with back-related injuries, pain in the extremities like carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, and other concerns such as allergies and fibromyalgia. Dr. Dean also offers a range of family chiropractic services, such as treatment for ADHD, colicky babies, ear infections, and chiropractic for kids. Additionally, he offers services for pregnancy and overall wellness care.

At Dean Chiropractic & Pain Relief, patient education takes top priority. Dr. Dean and his staff are dedicated to helping patients understand the root and cause of their condition, how the treatments offered at their practice can help, and most of all, how they can utilize the treatments and counseling provided to improve their overall health and quality of life. Dr. Dean and his staff help patients understand that many of their health ailments can stem from a spine and skeletal system that is off balance or not aligned properly. Their treatment plans are based on achieving better alignment through positive pressure, adjustments, exercises, and stretches.

All of the treatments and services offered by Dr. Dean are completely natural and drug-free. Patients of all ages, from children to the elderly, can find pain relief and improved health at Dr. Dean's practice.

About Dean Chiropractic
Dr. Sauté Dean has been a prominent member of the New Jersey chiropractic field for more than a decade. He has a background in sports injury and back pain relief, and has treated many athletes with his expertise in sports medicine.

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