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Winter and the Allergic Rhinitis Cold Masquerade

Is that winter cold you cannot shake really a mold allergy? Health effects from exposure to mold can mimic a cold with sinus drainage, lots of upper respiratory problems, and winter is no protection from mold exposure.


Woodland Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2015 --Exposure to high levels of indoor toxic mold or black mold can lead to a multitude of illnesses or symptoms, especially in children, the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. If family members or coworkers are affected by what seems like a winter cold that cannot be shaken, it might be a mold allergy. Respiratory trouble can stem from spores in commercial, residential or rental property.If something looks or smells like mold, it isa good idea to have the air in that area tested. Some persons are affected by mold at low levels, some only at high levels, and some not at all. However, even for those not allergic, the mycotoxins produced by toxic mold can cause medical issues.

There are no legally established standard safety levels for mold in a living area, so mold levels are computed by comparison to outdoor mold levels. There should be less mold found in indoor ambient air than there is found in the same quantity of air outdoors.

Wnter is a time when people are forced to spend more time inside. Indoor mold levels can skyrocket if there is a water leak; and central heating systems can spew mold spores throughout a property's entire living area. Airtight modern buildings can be especially hard hit. Dry mold spores that have been spread through a property only take a small amount of condensation to take hold.

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