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AdFreedom Is Now Quicker and Uses Less Resources Than ADBlock

AdFreedom is now quicker and lighter on system resources than both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus, and supports all known web browsers.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2015 --Today AdFreedom announced the release of their latest version of AdFreedom. This release follows much development, and delivers improved resource usage and speed for end users. It further increases the benefits of using AdFreedom over browser extensions, such as AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. AdFreedom blocks adverts on all web browsers and has the advantage, of also working on https pages.

"AdFreedom not only offers seamless functionality on all web browsers, including those running on Windows 10, but now it does it using even less system resources." said Jonathan Bell Product Marketing Manager, Adfreedom.

About AdFreedom
AdFreedom's software is free of charge and is delivered to the end user to improve their web experience. AdFreedom is currently in English, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew, Dutch, Swedish, Ukranian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Klingon.

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