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The Magical Adventures of Kikoo Book Series by Suresha Hill


San Rafael, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2015 --A new world opens for Kikoo that lives right behind his house. His entire life changes in a few moments as the magic of nature begins to reveal its secrets to him. Many of those secrets are expressed through sparkling lights called 'shimmers'.

Kikoo soon learns that other realms exist right next to the one he lives in where angelic beings help him solve daily life problems with a special touch. He's able to meet several other children who also have the gift of the shimmers who train with him to master bigger and bigger problems with the help of the angels who are full of surprises.

Suresha Hill was drawn to writing stories for children from a young age. Her first stories were told by a group of ants learning to find their way to safety amongst humans while humans were learning to notice smaller forms of life.

Studying education and school psychology nourished a desire to provide ways to make learning fun and interesting for the young whether in or out of school. Being born into a family of mixed races, Suresha learned to appreciate and value traditions from a variety of cultures while intuitively developing a relationship with nature that continued to grow throughout her life.

Many of the things she learned from nature, her teachers and ancestors are expressed in these books along with an attempt to share the ceaseless magic and wonder the subtle dimensions of life have to offer.

About The Magical Adventures of Kikoo
The Magical Adventures of Kikoo is a book series, which describes the delightful escapades of a brave young six year old boy and his best friend Boonie, who is a husky that turns out to be his guardian angel. They meet a variety of critters, kids, and adults of many ages and personalities who assist Kikoo and Boonie in their challenging missions.

Kikoo and the Land of the Shimmers – Book One
Kikoo and the Rainbow Saddle – Book Two
Kikoo and the Wall of Faces – Book Three
Coming Soon …
Kikoo and the Code of the Sun- Book Four