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New Method Makes It Easy to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


Princeton, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2015 --Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC announced how to kill all the bloody suckers in a mattress, behind a wall, under floor, and inside electronics. The method kills the insects without survivors when they seek food.

A trap with CO2 bait at the center and a barrier on the perimeter catches bedbugs, but most bugs attack sleepers and lay eggs quickly. The innovative method scales up the trap from dish size to bed size and replaces the CO2 bait by a sleeper. The last bug literally starves in weeks after crawling every night without dormant due to attractive CO2 food smell. This can be confirmed by catching the bugs into a glass jar.

The blood suckers can't crawl up on a slippery surface. It is well known that the bugs can't bite when people sleep in a bathtub. The special trap functions better than the bathtub. The sleeper should not feel any difference comparing to a normal bed. The innovative method easily kills the bugs in a mattress, behind a wall, under floor, and inside electronics.

A camper in a tent does not care how long a mosquito can live or how many mosquitoes are outside the tent. For the same reason, a sleeper on the top of the special trap does not care how long a bed bug can live, how many bed bugs are in the bedroom, or where they are hiding. People can stop bed bug bite as easy as eliminate mosquito bite. The mosquitoes or bed bugs attack sleepers at night in futile and prefer hiding at daytime until they starve. Killing bed bugs is as easy as killing ants by poison bait because people don't need to search any insects no matter where they hide.

Visit for further information. Eliminate failing of bed bugs from ceiling to bed. Starve bed bugs in weeks instead of one year. Stop the bite even bed bugs migrate from other apartments.

About Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC
Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC is located at Princeton, New Jersey, USA. They established this company with a motivation to reduce a typical cost from $1k~10k to a couple of hundred dollars, for their product.