Casavva Team out of Brooklyn on a Quest to Crowdfund a Better Casual Shirt

A Kickstarter project for the lifestyle of the modern gentleman delivers flannel shirts that carefully rethink design, fabric and craftsmanship.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2015 --The button-down shirt is an essential in every guy's wardrobe – it's classy, comfortable and versatile to countless different outfits. However, the selection out there can be disappointing. Most of our wardrobes have shirts that are too boxy, too loud, lacking in useful design features or made of thin, cheap material on a mass production line. That's what inspired the team at Casavva to embark on a journey to create that perfect, go-to shirt with well-researched design, immense attention to detail and only the best quality materials and craftsmanship, all done here in America.

The shirts maintain a decidedly classic appeal, but add two hidden features to complement the lifestyle of the modern gentleman. The first is a secret pocket, perfectly fitted to the dimensions of a credit card for safe and handy storage. The second is a microfiber cloth, located at the bottom interior of the shirt for simple and stylish lens cleaning on the go. Casavva's inaugural line features three unique shirts designed for a range of occasions – from safe for work to weekend brunch to laid back house party. The shirts, devoid of logos, bells and whistles, embody a low-key lifestyle with a clear nod to understated authenticity.

The project combines the manufacturing prowess of the East Coast and the quality fabrics of the West Coast. Casavva shirts are all manufactured in an artisanal, family-run factory of over 40 years in Brooklyn. Casavva and their manufacturing counterparts have worked closely every step of the way, augmenting vision with technical expertise to bring an innovative, yet structurally sound product to market. In the process, they've also become great friends, hanging out on the factory floor late into the night to finish new renditions. To give the best in comfort and durability, all the shirts are made using double-napped 6.4 oz/yard 100% cotton delivered from LA.

Crowdfunding will help ramp up production and make this new and improved casual shirt a reality. Not to mention, backers of this Kickstarter project are getting very generous discounts for their own first edition Casavva shirt.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on April 2nd, 2015.

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