BeeQyn LLC Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Complete the Development of BeeQyn Luggage Tracking Beacon

BeeQyn is an advanced luggage tracking system that can autonomously track and notify users of the arrival of their bags. This is a must have for anyone interested in leaving the airport fast and stress-free.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2015 --All travelers around the world are aware of the hassles involved in the process of waiting for the arrival of luggage in the airport. BeeQyn LLC is about to come up with a sophisticated tracking system that will take the stress out of this process by tracking the bags and sending notifications to all parties participating in the traveller's departure. It is also equipped with the ability to request an Uber when the user's bag hits the carrousel. In addition to automatically requesting an Uber ride, it sends the user's status info to their ride, if family/friends are picking them up, which will better assist them in gauging the traveller's readiness. BeeQyn also handles unforeseen events such as loss of luggage.

The best part about BeeQyn is that its mode of function is autonomous. This means that the users are not required to actively seek their baggage via their cell phones. On the contrary, the bags will call their respective owners when they arrive.

Some other highly impressive features of BeeQyn are as mentioned below

- Scanner: This feature tells users how close they are from their bags.

- Buzz: This is the self-governing alert system of BeeQyn that discreetly indicates the bags presence and proximity to the users.

- Strobe: Using the phone's flash feature to differentiate the traveller from the curbside crowd.

- Default voice notifications: The system provides default voice notifications when the bag gets close, arrives, or is picked up.

- Customization: Group travelers can assign custom tones or voice notes for their individual luggage.

- HorNet: An advanced CRM to handle all luggage related issues such as delayed, lost, damaged, or stolen baggage.

- Compatible with iPhone and Android.

About BeeQyn LLC
BeeQyn LLC has already completed all their work related to hardware and ready to start manufacturing their advanced luggage tracking system. However, they need funding support to complete this project as per the planned schedule. Their Kickstarter funding goal is $40,000, and this amount needs to be raised by March 21, 2015.

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