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Sahara Waterproofing Prevents Flooded Basements Due to Melting Snow and Spring Rains

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Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2015 --'Snow, snow go away'' has been a chant many have been saying for the last couple of months.

But homeowners may want to be careful for what they wish for. Due to the record snow this winter, your basement will be prone for leaking, when the ground thaws out and when the spring rains arrive. These conditions are optimal for flooded basements.

The frozen ground expands and contracts, with the temperatures warming during the day,but then dropping at night. This process lets more moisture into house foundations.When the ground is still frozen in winter/early spring,the ground can not absorb all of the rain water or snow melt off, and it flows down along the foundation.

If it does not properly drain away, once the water reaches the footing, it builds up hydro static pressure. If an existing drain tile system is not functioning properly, or the cracks are widespread in the foundation, then the pressure will force the water into your basement.

A proper french drain and sump pump system, and sealed cracks, will help you avoid these problems this spring. And very important, make sure all downspouts are away from the house at least ten feet.

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And remember a waterproofed basement allows you to confidently enjoy more livable space. It also prevents any harmful effects from mold or mildew issues on your family and can even help a house sell faster for more money.

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