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Sahara Waterproofing Says Harsh Winter + Too Much Rock Salt = Spalling and Flaking Concrete

Deteriorating and spalling concrete


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2015 --Spring is here and your concrete is a mess. Due to the harsh winter and the use of rock salt.

Concrete is a magnificent material. As a paving material, it can be one of the longest lasting surfaces that can be used. However, its useful life can be significantly reduced when it weaknesses are not recognized.Rock salt on concrete pavements,patios,driveways, and sidewalks are a No No.

It will cause holes, spalling, and flaking of the concrete. when rock salt is spread on the concrete to melt snow and ice, the salt dissolves the snow and makes a salt water slush. The melting action of the salt allows water to enter the concrete. If the temperature then drops and the water freezes, the growing ice crystals can blast apart the concrete. Concrete absorbs water like a sponge, when spraying water on concrete,on a hot summer day,it will absorb the water within minutes.

If laying new concrete in the fall, concrete should be given 30 days to cure, to remove all the water out of the concrete.The water within the concrete can freeze and cause the surface to pop off. However, if enough cement was in the initial mixture and this cement was not diluted by the addition of water, the concrete will be able to resist the damaging forces of the freezing water.

It is always good to order a 4,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) concrete mix, and never use wire in driveways, where it has to be reinforced. The concrete expands, and pulls the wire with it, and that will cause cracking of the concrete. It is always a good Idea to use a fiber mixed in the concrete.This way the fibers are in the whole entire mix, from top to bottom. Where the wire is on the bottom of the driveway, or any concrete surface.If the wire is not pulled up, during the concrete installation, it will lay flat on the top of the dirt. And will have no benefit of reinforcing the concrete.There is an alternative to rock salt.instead use calcium chloride, known to us as little white balls, or use sand. It will not melt the snow, but will provide traction. or a good old shovel and some muscle.

For all new concrete installations, of pavements, patios, driveways, sidewalks, or pool decks treat the concrete with clear coat sealers, that minimize or eliminate the possibility of water being absorbed by the concrete. Some of these clear coatings contain silanes and siloxanes. This allows the concrete to breathe.

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Tired of a boring pool deck,pavement,patio,driveway,or sidewalk.Resurfacing can spice up the old concrete without the hassle of tearing out the old concrete and pouring new. Resurfacing old concrete can help add color and create the look of natural stone,Brick,slate,stamped,spray or trowel down finish. The possibilities are endless. The textured finish will have a clear coat sealer to protect the decorative cement. It is UV and salt and pool chemical resistant.

Concrete resurfacing is an easier and cheaper alternative to fix the deteriorating concrete.Sahara Waterproofing will fix the cracks, holes, and fissures with a Polymer repair cement.Then we will apply a full coat of polymer,and micro topping cement, material over the entire surface.Making that old beat up ugly concrete, and return to new.

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