DermaLounge Nurse Provides Botox Services for Clients in Edmonton, AB

Now Anyone Can Experience Younger-looking Skin.


Edmonton, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2015 --Aging takes it's toll on everyone's skin, but the effects of aging can be halted and even reversed through a variety of non-surgical procedures.

Registered Nurse Jaclyn Stark provides a few of these services and offers clients the opportunity to turn back time on their bodies. These procedures are Juvederm, Dermal FillerS, Botox, Muscle Relaxants, O-Shots, Priapus Shots, Vampire Breast Lifts and Vampire Facelifts. None of these procedures require surgery, and they all necessitate minimal amount of downtime, so patients can recover quickly and see their results with little delay.

Jaclyn ensures that each of her clients understands what their options are and what their expectation should be following each procedure. She lays out in detail what each treatment involves, what inconvenience it may cause temporarily, how long it will take to recover, what the finished results will look like and how the patient will benefit from the treatments.

She has already helped many satisfied customers achieve the results they were looking for and gain healthier, younger looking skin and bodies. And many of these procedures come with little to no discomfort, as the area to be worked on is usually treated with topical anesthetic to ease any discomfort. These treatments have already given many other people a better sense of confidence and happiness about themselves and their bodies. They are available for anyone who meets the minimum age and health requirements.

While injections such as these can have enormous benefits, there are some misconceptions about their effects. One of these is that cosmetic injectables will inhibit the movements of the face and make it difficult for patients to enjoy full facial control and movement, which is simply not true. The effect of these injectables are actually to reduce fine facial lines and to bring youth back into the appearance of those who have these treatments. Jaclyn's approach is to keep the results looking natural and refreshed.

Jaclyn takes pride in helping patients achieve their goals and become happier and more confident about themselves. She is willing to answer any questions anyone may have about the procedures, including the cost, expectations following the procedure and any other concerns that people might have.

These procedures usually only take several minutes to complete. And while any pain experienced will be minimal to none, the results can take as long as two weeks to fully materialize. In some cases, follow up treatments may be necessary. These treatments occur usually every three to six months after the initial procedure, since the effects of the treatment are not designed to be permanent. Because they are not surgical treatments, these procedures are less expensive and less painful than the alternative.

DermaLounge and Jaclyn Stark are giving people a chance to recapture their youth and maximize their anti-aging potential. For those who would like to find out more and schedule appointments, the company can be found at