Strategies That Will Define SEO in 2015 According to Leading Singaporean SEO Company


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2015 have been seen to have made a significant launch into the Singapore SEO market in the past year. This can be said to be because of their clear-cut successful methods, winning significant customer retainers and first page search engines results for their clients. They have recently released a detailed list of 2015 SEO strategies that they state will bring their clients significant success in 2015. One could argue that this shows off their company secrets, however an independent SEO authority within Singapore has said that it merely shows that are an independent resource forum for SEO and are here to stay prominently in the Singapore market. argue that in the online sphere things get out-dated very quickly. As such, last year's marketing efforts may not apply currently anymore. Strategies should arguably be re-evaluated every year without dedicating too much time from the marketing department's end.

With conversions, sales and revenue only come from reaching more potential customers, readers and service users SEO is the means to enhance this reach.

According to, Particular strategies that should be successful this year are as follows;

'A company must ensure they are optimized for mobile devices' - a definite statement by With 80% of adults now having a smartphone and on average spending 1.85 hours a day on it, they said you definitely can't miss out on these customers. Nearly 50% of all Internet traffic is now mobile so your mobile site needs to be equal in presence, content and search ability as a company's desktop site. Having a mobile friendly site also boosts your rankings, according to a leading independent authority. encourage the use of variety of keywords to optimize and engaging with such tools as Rank Tracker to decide upon which to put emphasis on. Each keyword you choose will require significant effort time wise so say they are here to ensure you are investing your time and money in what matters. Rank Tracker will prioritise your strategy based on keyword difficulty. This SEO Company will help you to decide which keywords to invest in to draw in earnings quickly. Keyword planner will help you plan out an accurate budget by reviewing bids for your driving force keywords. notes that while long tail keyword searches may be less, it is more likely that you will get the correct audience for your product for these more specific searches. are putting particular emphasis on the search ability of their clients' Social Media pages. In search engine results pages a company's website should be first, but then it should be the Social Media feeds. These feeds will have more up to date content than the website and will draw your audience in, according to

This SEO Company will ensure that a thorough website audit is undertaken to check the integrity of the site's URLs and links, as broken links can damage search rankings. This has always been high priority however Singapore's independent Internet authority and SEO ranker approves's statement here, saying this is vital for success within SEO. As such, these statements by this SEO company is backed up by independent regulators.

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