Singapore Web Design Firm Hails the Launch of Crayon


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2015 --Today, Web-designer.com.sg has publicly praised the launch of Crayon. Crayon is arguably the most comprehensive marketing design search engine on the web and is the new way for marketers to get inspired and get great ideas about what to build. The idea is simple – it is a database that allows marketing teams, small business owners, design-lovers and anyone responsible for the appearance of a website to search a library of site designs in order to inform how best to piece together a new site layout. It pulls in more than 13 million websites and allows users to search, categorize and favorite site designs and create their own portfolio that can be used in the development of a new website or the redesign of an existing webpage.

While the concept is not new, indeed web-designer.com.sg as with all web design companies have external research methods that contribute to their design ideas, they have praised in particular the user-friendly nature of Crayon. Crayon has an easy-to use database where you can browse designs, use their filters to find relevant designs, save designs to build your own collections, and then share these collections with colleagues and agency partners.

Crayon states: 'The basic idea with Crayon is that you can browse great marketing designs "in the wild" to get inspiration for your own projects. When you see designs you like, you can save them to Collections to share with your team or refer to later.' This can be seen as simple, yet efficient. Web-designer.com.sg today claim that they expect Crayon to become the leaders in the market, and look forward to an extended partnership with this new online database.

Singapore has an incredibly competitive web design industry. Crayon will contribute to the success of many if they should choose to engage with Crayon's design database purely because innovation and creativity needs to be at the core of any web design agency to remain prominent in such a competitive industry. Crayon could possibly become the integral source of inspiration for designers. It should not be a source to copy; a good designer will take the inspiration and create their own ideas. If designs exactly the same as the design suggestions on this database appear, it would be a sign of a poor web design agency.

Web-designer.com.sg are excited at this prospect of such a collation of information in one place, and have pushed Crayon to the top of their databases that they use for design inspiration. As such, we expect this web design agency to issue continued incredible creative and innovative designs from their strong team of designers, all based here in Singapore.

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