Fat Burns as WeightLossWars.com Race Gets Down to the Wire


Orem, Utah -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/3/2006 -- While there may be fourteen contestants in the competition as a whole, two of them, MangoMama and Adair, seem to have pulled away from the rest of the pack and are heading to the finish. With less than a week left of this three month competition, both contestants have more than doubled the weight loss of the nearest competitor, and have began to dig in for the race for first.

All along this fat burning adventure these two contestants have been pacing each other back and forth, each taking their turn in the lead. Whenever one contestant would surge forward, the other would rebound, and retake the lead the following week, almost daring the other to beat them. And it appears that this back and forth battle will only continue to intensify as the weeks have turned into days, and these health conscience contenders really put their shoulders (or rather their guts) into the race.

Although most WeightLossWars.com’s competitions do focus primarily on weight loss, there are also formulas set-up to measure many other aspects of healthy living, including ounces of water drank, servings of fruit ate, and miles walked. There are even caloric and fat counting calculators provided to enable contestants to easily measure these aspects of living and eating healthy. “It is this all around health improvement that WeightLossWars was designed to help encourage and facilitate,” said WeightLossWars.com Vice President of Marketing Blair Wilson. “It really is more about being healthy than just looking healthy.”

WeightLossWars.com was designed and started by Chad Blodgett, who is also the founder of WeightLossWars’ sister company, EHealthCompete! While EHealthCompete! is focused on corporate wellness programs, WeightLossWars is built for individuals to compete with their friends, family, co-workers, or just about anyone they feel like beating. The success of both sites has been attributed to the combination of their ease of use and their competition based system, which provides quick analysis and one of the best motivational tools around, one’s own ego.