Dr. Russell Chin

Pawtucket, RI Dentist Dr. Russell Chin Introduces Mini Dental Implants for Same-Day Permanent Dentures and Crowns

Dr. Russell Chin in Pawtucket, RI offers patients less invasive alternative for permanent restorations


Pawtucket, RI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2015 --Dr. Russell Chin, general and cosmetic dentist in Pawtucket, RI recently introduced mini dental implants as an available service for his patients that is allowing them to receive permanent restorations faster, and with a less-invasive procedure. With mini dental implants, Dr. Chin is able to provide patients with both fixed dentures and crowns in just one day, offering them more convenience and much less pain due to the minimally invasive procedure.

Mini dental implants have become increasingly popular with doctors and patients over the past several years for the many benefits they offers patients who are seeking permanent restorations. Traditional dental implants consist of small metal studs that act as screws, securing a permanent restoration into the patient's jawbone after they have experienced tooth loss. While traditional implants are extremely effective, they also require major surgery, significant recovery time, and can be very costly. As a possible alternative, mini implants have a smaller diameter which requires less invasive surgery, much less recovery time, and can be significantly less expensive.

Dr. Chin has been helping patients achieve a new, attractive smile using mini dental implants for both permanent dentures and crowns. With traditional dental implants, several different metal screws are inserted on both the upper and lower arches which are used to support realistic-looking crowns secured to each implant. Patients who desire a similar look only with less invasive surgery and less expense can use mini dental implants to permanently secure their dentures. With this procedure, four mini dental implants are inserted directly into the upper and lower arches, which are then permanently attached to dentures, giving patients a brand new permanent smile. Patients who are seeking restorations for a singular tooth rather than entire upper or lower arches can also take advantage of the many benefits mini dental implants offer.

Whereas traditional dental implants require several weeks to even several months of recovery, mini dental implants allow patients to get back to a normal lifestyle within days. Because of the minimally-invasive nature of the procedure, patients only require local anesthesia and experience lessened pain and soreness after the procedure than traditional implant procedures.

About Dr. Russell Chin
Dr. Russell Chin and his staff are committed to helping their patients achieve their very best smile. They are dedicated to patient education and helping each individual make the most informed decision about their oral health needs. Mini dental implants are one of the many ways Dr. Chin and his team are helping patients get a smile they can be proud of in an environment that is technologically advanced, yet comfortable and inviting.

For more information about Dr. Chin and the mini dental implant services he offers for both permanent dentures and crowns, please visit https://plus.google.com/+RussellSChinDDSLTDPawtucket/about?gl=us&hl=en