Snappii and Gartner Announce Predictions for the Future of Mobile Business App Development

Gartner proves: the future of mobile development is in mobility platforms


Rochester, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2015 --Snappii, the leader in custom business mobile apps created with the Snappii Mobility Platform, which enables the rapid design, creation and deployment of custom business mobile apps without writing any code, today sums up the 2014 achievements and places predictions for the future of mobile app development.

Mobile business apps are an integral component of modern business. There are two known problems associated with mobile app development today: time and costs. Mobile app developers are hard to find, and if found, they cost too much and build a mobile app for several months. In today's world, businesses don't have much time to wait for developers as their customers are expecting businesses to be equipped with the latest technologies. In the meantime, codeless mobile application development platforms like Snappii are gaining a mounting presence in the app development market. These can help citizen developers create mobile apps in a week or two, not months, and without programming skills. Delivery speed is a major benefit low-code platforms offer.

The analyst company Gartner says that by 2018, more than half of all business-to-employee (B2E) apps will be written by enterprise business analysts using codeless development tools, which will significantly lower the costs of mobile app development. Gartner also states that this year people will use mainly smartphones and tablets instead of PCs, further increasing the need for mobile business applications. Gartner predicts over 50% of mobile business apps will be built on codeless platform by 2018.

Another well-known analyst company Forrester has similar stats. In June, 2014 Forrester Research published its findings in the report "New Development Platforms Emerge for Customer-Facing Applications" , where it defined low-code development platforms as "platforms that enable rapid application delivery with a minimum of hand-coding, and quick setup and deployment, for systems of engagement".

Snappii is an early pioneer of this approach with many real business apps which were built using the Snappii platform. For example Nacco, a Fortune 1000 company used Snappii to build Product Catalog and advisor apps for its Dealers and Sales Force.

Snappii has over 80 Industry and functional specific apps in the Apple and Google Play App Stores. The Company continues to see significant traction in its custom app development business. Fueling the growth and the company's ability to create robust custom business mobile apps faster and more cost effectively than any of its competitors is the Snappii Mobility Platform, the industry's most powerful cloud based visual mobile app creation platform on the market today. The Platform has been designed specifically to enable the rapid design, creation, deployment and management of sophisticated business mobile apps, with no coding required. These are feature rich native mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms that are very powerful yet flexible which provide our customers the assurance they need to be able to adjust to changing requirements. Snappii apps can be securely and completely integrated with existing back end systems. The Platform includes powerful reporting and analytics capability.

"The continuous innovation of the Snappii Mobility Platform by our engineers reinforces our commitment to create mobile apps that address the needs of a large and growing base of users as well as to empower those who wish to create their own apps without having to write any code", said Alex Bakman, President & CEO of Snappii.

Snappii Apps can be 100% customized using the visual drag, drop and configure capabilities of the Snappii cloud based editor. Snappii has a flexible form feature to exactly match any requirement , collect data, time, locations, images, signatures and other necessary values to build enterprise ready applications. The data can be stored in the cloud or integrated with existing back end systems.

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Snappii is a unique mobile solution for businesses that offers both: a platform to create mobile business apps without programming in days, not months, and a wide selection of ready-made industry specific and general apps that can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play store at no cost. Over 20, 000 apps have already been built on Snappii, with customers range from the largest companies to medium and small organizations.

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