Digital Magazine Publishing Gets Easier with the Latest FlipHTML5

Digital magazine publishing has never been easier! The recent version release of FlipHTML5 makes multimedia additions easier than ever by expanding the types of audio files that can be uploaded and used, as well as, augmenting the mobile versions of the application.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2015 --Many large businesses have employed and continue to employ whole development teams of coders to create their online catalogs and to give them the type of interaction with the customers that the modern eConsumer has come to expect from online retailers. Companies like FlipHTML5 have made the need for large catalog teams obsolete by providing the type of easy to use, drop and drag software that makes building an online catalog where the user can flip pages, watch videos, listen to music, and other interactive activities which entice them to not only stay on a page but buy a product. This new style digital magazine publishing software not only has the benefit of reducing costs for a large firm, but also equalizing the playing field for those smaller firms who would like to produce catalogs and magazines in the style of their largest competitors.

"We have always had a vision of the Internet as sort of an undiscovered country of possibility," CEO Winston Zhang tells us, "where everyone has the same opportunity as anyone else to succeed. With this latest release we intended to tweak some things we felt needed work, but also to continue to work on our multimedia tools because we believe that really is the next big thing in ePublishing."

For those just breaking into the market there is a free version which allows a bookseller, retailer, or author to create a simple, branded eBook, for those who already have a publishing platform or would like to tap into multimedia FLIPHTML5 offers monthly packages that are less than $30 a month or enterprise licenses for less than a thousand dollars a year that enables publishers to produce and store unlimited multimedia books and even native flipbooks for Android.

"Our digital magazine publishing has been used by Fortune 500 companies and major global firms to produce eBooks, marketing materials, and the like," Zhang tells us. "Now it can be used by my local organic farm to showcase their seed catalog or the fantasy author on my child's soccer team to produce an online eBook that looks just like one produced by Collier's International."

This spring firms have an opportunity to take advantage of the newest release and the affordable pricing that FlipHTML5 has to offer the world of digital magazine publishing.