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Catholic Girls Perform A Rock'n Roll Miracle!


Rutherford, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2006 -- Rutherford, New Jersey - 03/28/2006

Twenty-four years in the waiting since The Pope taught the band how to play, MEET THE CATHOLIC GIRLS contains 15 tracks with something for everyone. There’s punk, garage, blues, pop, a ballad that will make you cry, and even a little Latin but it’s all Rock’ n and Roll to thee. The CD includes full lyric sheets that read like any girl’s confessions about: boys, heartbreak, pain, crushes, true love, true rejection, freedom, cars, rebellion, New Jersey, sex, and breaking loose with a guitar in hand on stage.

If you didn’t hear of The Catholic Girls in the 80s when they had Mass Appeal, were on MTV (when they still played music videos), and were banned by The Archdiocese of Rhode Island, then you will hear of them now. Gail Petersen, Roxy Andersen, and Doreen Holmes (all original members from the band’s debut), are breaking all the rules, busting out of detention, and rocking out! In the 21st Century when Indies rule, Satellite Radio rides the airwaves, and real music is about to make a comeback, The Catholic Girls are back on the school bus rolling up for their own Mystery Tour and it’s going to be magical, mystical, and a lot of fun!

The Catholic Girls were born in the 1980s when schoolgirls Gail Petersen and Roxy Andersen put their guitars together to form the first all-female band from New Jersey that would be signed to a major label. With the edition of Doreen Holmes on drums, The Catholic Girls released an album on MCA both in the USA and Australia and also on a special Armed Forces edition by Radio Free Europe. They embarked on 2 national tours, received widespread commercial airplay, and debuted on MTV to the music of their new wave anthem Boys Can Cry. In 1999, Renaissance Records revived the original album in CD format. It's success in chains such as Borders and websites like led to rapid sales and an impressive ranking. Fans of the band from The 80s were thrilled to have the girls in plaid back, and many new fans were made along the way. In 2002, the band released Make Me Believe as their first indie CD, embarked on a tri-state tour (NY/NJ/PA), opened for acts like Dave Davies of the Kinks, Gene Loves Jezebel and performed at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood for The International Pop Overthrow Festival. In addition the Asbury Park Music Awards nominated them for "Top Rock Band of the Year" and their latest video for the title song Make Me Believe reached the charts in Billboard. In January 2006, their first 45 single "Boys Can Cry" was selected by readers of GOLDMINE Magazine to be part of The Ultimate Rock'n Roll Jukebox. They are in good company as this list also includes The Beatles, The Stones, The Ramones and Blondie!

The Catholic Girls are ready to spread the gospel of rock’n roll from The Vatican to Your Garage and beyond! Their latest full length CD, MEET THE CATHOLIC GIRLS has just been released! The front cover recreates the photo from their first record with the three original members: Gail, Roxy, and Doreen on a school bus but wit a modern, psychedelic, sixties, twist. A tour is in the works that will include national and international venues and so is a music video. As the band’s reach has expanded, so has the energy that continually drives The Catholic Girls to transform their listeners into full-fledged rock and roll believers! Maybe there was a time when The Catholic Girls set out to prove that they could play with the boys. This undisputed, today’s Catholic Girls prove again and again that they can break all the rules and rock the pants off just about anyone, in any venue, anywhere!

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