FlipHTML5 Reveals Benefits That the Flipbook Software Brings to Modern Business

The software development team has introduced the advantages of digital flipbook in details through a recent interview.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/22/2015 --The explosion of online usage and global participation has created the opportunity for publishers and marketing specialists to supply 24 hour a day access to their content and service. Hardware technology and the shift from PCs to tablets and mobile devices have broken down the last barrier between provider and consumer as individuals can now access information and content from anywhere at any time. Digital publishers and content creators have sprung forward to adapt their presentation to meet the use and expectation of readers. FLIPHTML5, developer of flipbook software, is on the forefront of the eBook revolution, leading businesses to full functionality of the Internet and how content can be accessed.

Until recently most business documents, white papers, books, and magazines have been distributed to the public using print form or electronic delivery of a PDF file. Paper, of course, is costly as is the price of mailing a document which is why eSignatures and PDF files became more of a standard for business. Being able to distribute PDF content reduced costs and expanded the target base of customer or consumer for businesses. Like all things, however, technology evolves and with it, a consumer's expectations. Reading PDF files requires people to change how they normally process information, meaning instead of reading left to right, you must scroll and read top to bottom. With the advent of flipbook technology, suddenly consumers have a choice between something they are comfortable with (left to right reading) and something they are less enthused about doing. Moreover, with the change in devices and how people experience the internet, fewer people are willing to download PDF viewers to their phone or tablet just to read something.

Flipbooks enable the consumer to read a document using their preferred device, as well as, accept more multimedia experiences from their product. Audio, slideshows, and video additions can enhance the overall experience of the end user in a way that a PDF file cannot. "We feel that our product has the ability to provide the best means of communicating with an audience, "Anna Lee, FLIPHTML5 designer tells us, "You're not worrying about downloading anything. You just click on the link and read. That saves time, frustration, and also gives the user an aesthetic that they are quickly growing accustomed to from other resources like those of the bookselling community like Amazon. People ask, why isn't this business document as easy to use as the book on my Kindle?"

With the free version of their flipbook software available on the Internet there is no reason for businesses to wait on this technology. FLIPHTML5 offers the ability to reach the customers and communicate an idea in a method desirable to them.