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Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency Expands to Include WordPress Development and Software Management for Fast Growth Technology Companies in California

Now providing WordPress software development in Los Angeles, Chaosmap expands its services to sister website


Manhattan Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2015 --Equipped with its founder's 20 years of digital marketing and software experience, Chaosmap targets fast growth technology companies with revenues over $10 million that require unique engineering solutions in a fast-paced environment.

Adept in developing WordPress customization projects, themes and highly tailored WordPress plugins, the full-service agency integrates systems strategically to optimize branding, sales and cross-fuctional software services.

"Our long experience in the technology sector, coupled with sales, marketing and growth hacking strategies allows us to uniquely serve our audience in the 21st century", said CEO and Founder Jon Rognerud.

The traditional old school ways of engineering have changed. The new school of business includes an in-depth view and understanding of marketing and sales, and from an engineer's perspective. That includes content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and customer experience marketing.

Engineers typically shy away from interacting with marketing and sales teams, often consider them 'fluff and spin', and not as important as the brains of systems development.

"I believe this transformation has occurred from changes and improvement in tools, platforms and ease of communication from open source software communities, agile software methodologies and deeper appreciation for the engineer-entrepreneur thinking", Mr. Rognerud continues.

There is a mindset shift taking place, but not every engineering shop is ready, able or willing to deal with this change.

Understanding what the customer truly wants and what values are most important is key, along with faster speed to market and response to opportunities - as well as threats.

User experience and usability is more important than ever, and search engines like Google values engagement and social implications for top positions in search results. Using metrics and consistent quality tracking is key, but also using integration options and test driven development to ensure highest possible performance across websites, apps and mobile devices.

"We fully support the hybrid engineering-marketing-executive culture, and our clients love it", Mr. Rognerud said.

To learn more about Chaosmap WordPress and software development engineering solutions, please visit for information on requirements and how to apply.