Sterling Manufacturing

Sterling Manufacturing Launches Multi-Million Dollar Expansion

Cleanroom expansion and investment in industry-leading technologies will allow for accelerated growth in the medical and defense industries


Lancaster, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2015 --Sterling Manufacturing, a world class, vertically integrated injection molding company focused on medical, defense and aerospace industries, is pleased to announce that is has undertaken a multi-million dollar upgrade of its facilities.

Sterling Manufacturing's expansion will focus primarily on the company's acquisition of six new Engel injection molding machines, complete with multi-axis servo robots, which will be added to the company's facility in 2015. The new machines will range in tonnage from 30 to 340 tons and will serve to support rapid prototyping and production for the various clients and industries the company serves.

The company is also making an investment in sustainability and continues to remain at the forefront of eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Each of the six Engel Spex/Victory machines comes with Ecodrive technology, resulting in drastically improved energy efficiency and a reduction in total energy consumption by approximately 40 percent, as compared to traditional hydraulic machines.

Alongside its new injection molding equipment, Sterling Manufacturing will also be investing in a an upgrade to the company's ISO certified Class 8 cleanroom, doubling its current overall footprint.

"This is a significant undertaking and an investment in our future that will position Sterling to partner with the right companies and meet the demands of the markets we serve," said CEO John Gravelle.

The latest step in Sterling's growth plan is intended to support expansion in targeted markets, including life sciences, medical and defense programs that the company has undertaken during the last four years. The company has seen overall sales double since 2011 and expects growth to continue climbing at double-digit rates as production continues to ramp up.

This newest investment also comes on the heels of numerous presses and automated value-add work centers that have been implemented in the company over the past few years. As the company continues to specialize, proactive expansion becomes paramount and the company is continuing to seek solutions to seamlessly integrate new resources and tools.

Company President Stan Bowker notes, "Sterling is in excellent financial position, allowing us to capitalize on re-shoring opportunities and an improving economy. We're excited to take our company and our efforts to the next level."

Sterling Manufacturing's 2015 expansion highlights the company's dedication to the medical and defense markets, and to healthy growth through reinvestment.

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