New Online Brochure Maker by FlipHTML5.com: Practical Tool Helps on Brand Recognition

Business can now enhance brand awareness through digital brochure by using FlipHTML5 platform at http://FlipHTML5.com


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2015 --Every business and publication has the desire to build a strong, recognizable brand for their consumers to recognize and associate with the quality products they provide. FlipHTML5 provides creators of digital publications with the ability to build their brand recognition through its free online brochure maker platform by using many of their customizable publishing options.

In the world of digital publishing, one of the biggest pieces of brand recognition is having a clear place to direct readers that makes the publications brand recognizable and obvious. FlipHTML5 provides the ability to customize the domain of the URL on which publications are hosted. There is no complication in distributing digital publications through a long, unrecognizable link because publishers create their own custom domain name for their content. This way every time that content is distributed, brand name recognition is built rather than muddied.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 allows for publishers to customize their hosting site in many ways, all of which can be used to build brand recognition and impress readers. One simple way to build brand recognition is to have a logo that is easily identified. FlipHTML5 allows creators to use their own logo as the visual on the loading screen of their flipbook. This way the reader is further exposed to the creators brand while they are waiting for content to load. FlipHTML5 also allows publishers to place their own logo in place of the FlipHTML5 logo in the corner of every publication. Each publication is now branded with the creator's logo and is another way to associate the publisher's brand with the great product that has been produced. Hosting sites are able to be customized to the creator's brand colors and the content will clearly reflect a unique brand when readers visit the site.

Another way that FlipHTML5 provides publishers with the ability to build their brand is in the ability to customize the home page that hosts all of the publications a particular publisher has created. With one customized host site, publishers have the ability to remind readers of their brand in the context of all of the content that the brand has created. With all of these customizing branding options, FlipHTML5 has provided concrete ways to build publishing brand recognition.

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