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Tip Sheet: Top Processes in Aluminum Extrusion from Turnkey Manufacturer


Redondo Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2015 --Getec is a thermal management solutions company that discusses the top processes to look at when deciding on a turnkey aluminum extrusion manufacturer.

Aluminum extrusion is used in a variety of industries to create objects from aluminum allow. Aluminum is used to provide strength and stability while contributing lightweight physical characteristics. When clients need aluminum extrusions, they want a company that provides high quality, low costs, and fast turnaround. With the many companies available to choose from, these tips help in choosing the best processes and manufacturing results.

1.All processes are conducted in-house.

When companies have to send parts of the manufacturing process out to a third party company, it slows down the turnaround time, increases costs, and could possibly produce less than desirable quality. As a thermal management solutions company, they control all aspects of the aluminum extrusions to provide a turnkey solution. Getec even casts their own aluminum billet in an onsite department. The billet is produced from pure aluminum ingot instead of scrap like many of their competitors use.

As a standard aluminum extrusions company, Getec offers a turnkey solution that meets or exceeds their customer's requirements. Getec focuses on a commitment to practical, cost effective solutions for their clients. Controlling all of the processes allows them to stay in compliance of their character and business ethics.

2.Focus on cost savings.

While Getec mostly focuses on manufacturing, they also have experience and solutions that provide ideas for cost savings. They know how to streamline the process for high performance solutions. As a custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer, Getec takes price in faster lead times than their competitors and in being a complete turnkey solution for clients.

3.Using pure aluminum ingot for products.

Many competitors use scraps in the aluminum mix for billet products. The manufactured product is less than superior in terms of quality. Getec only uses pure aluminum ingot in production of billet and in their thermal management solutions. The result is a higher quality product that reduces defects and money loss. In fact, the opposite is true. By having aluminum extrusions produced under one roof, the production costs are reduced.

4.Adding value with machining.

Products produced at Getec receive value added machining. As a standard aluminum extrusions company, they also plate, stamp, die cast, finish metal, and package the products. They continually seek ways to improve processes to meet and exceed customer requirements.

5.Strong commitment to quality control.

Quality control ensures Getec manufactures items of the highest quality. With state of the art machinery, Getec monitors quality with updates, calibrations, and continuous activity monitoring processes.

These are only a few of the top processes Getec uses to provide aluminum extrusions. For more information, visit

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