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Venice, FL Auto Repair Experts Offer Consumer Tips for What to Expect with Engine Repair

Auto care specialists at 1 Stop Car and Truck Repair in Venice, FL provide tips for consumers looking for engine repair services


Venice, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/27/2015 --1 Stop Car and Truck Repair in Venice, Florida is offering consumers tips for what to expect with engine repair so they can make an educated decision in their auto repair process. The professionals at 1 Stop Car and Truck Repair have been serving the auto repair needs of Venice residents for nearly 20 years and have collectively serviced thousands of vehicle engines.

First, it's important for drivers to know about and follow best practices for engine maintenance in order to avoid major costly repairs in the first place. Regular oil changes are always recommended following the weight of oil recommended in the vehicle's owner's manual. Timing belts or chains should be changed at the manufacturer's recommended interval, and consumers should avoid gimmicky oil additives in advertisements that claim to help engine performance. Following regular maintenance practices should keep an engine running smoothly for a long time.

Drivers should be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of engine trouble as well. Some of these signs include excessive smoke from the tailpipe, knocking or tapping sounds, excessive oil consumption, low compression, or low oil pressure. Any of these signs warrant an immediate check up with a qualified auto specialist. It's important that drivers are very specific in taking note of their car issues to help a qualified professional diagnose the problem properly. Inform the mechanic of any recent changes in oil brand or weight and when and how any unusual noises crop up with the vehicle's engine.

Even if significant engine damage has already occurred, it doesn't have to mean the vehicle is at the end of its life. Although engine repair or replacement can be costly, it is almost always the more financially prudent option than purchasing a new or used vehicle.

When it comes to engine replacement, vehicle owners generally have the option to purchase new or used—also referred to as rebuilt—equipment for their car or truck, and each option has its own unique benefits. Rebuilt engines can offer significant financial savings while still providing reliable function for years to come. But for those who plan on keeping their vehicle for an extended time period, new engines may offer a better solution for just a slightly higher cost, providing a better long-term investment. A qualified mechanic can help advise car owners of which option for a replacement engine would be best for their specific make, model, and year.

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