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How a Canadian Pardon Will Impact Your Entry Into the USA

Says Surrey Based US Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst


New Westminster, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/24/2020 --US immigration law Intelligence Analysts in Vancouver specializing in US Entry Waivers and clearing USA border crossing issues for Canadians has recently shared via its online platform that there is a lot of wrong information out there regarding pardons issued by the Canadian government and trying to enter the USA.

The firm has successfully cleared many Canadian clients with or without a criminal past. Many had a Canadian pardon but still were required to obtain a US Entry Waiver to visit the United States.

The website has a lot of critical information explaining all US Entry Waiver details and inadmissibility issues. Canadian Pardons are not accepted by the US Customs and Border Protection simply because they were not issued by the U.S. Federal Government. It is also important to know that CBP may or may not even see your actual Canadian conviction if you have a Canadian Pardon. Apparently the RCMP will notify CBP that you have been pardoned for an offence and CBP may ask you to provide details of your criminal record. It is important to note though that not all criminal convictions will require a US Entry Waiver. So do not worry since this additional step should not harm you as long as your relevant criminal conviction record is not one that requires a us entry waiver.

Also note that a record suspension from the Canadian government does not necessarily "update" CBP databases since DHS will go on their own information from their many data systems to include TECS.

Additionally, we suggest that all Canadians with a criminal record, pardoned or unpardoned, to check with our firm first before attempting to enter the United States just to be safe. Note that some lawyers or discount waiver companies are sowing confusion about this entering the USA with a pardon issue or border crossing problems in general in an attempt to generate business. This firm is unlike the other aforementioned individual(s) and will constantly offer understandable and sometimes simple solutions to resolve all border crossing issues. Sowing confusion and providing factually erroneous information is never in the client's best interest.

Canadians, with border crossing problems, seeking a reliable US Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst or us entry waiver in Surrey and nearby locality can also visit the highly experienced team that will offer assistance on getting you cleared to enter the USA.

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