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Help for Stuttering in Los Angeles Offered by L.A. Speech Therapy Solutions

Stuttering specialists from LA Speech Therapy Solutions are able to help people of all ages. Located in Los Angeles on 117 N. Highland Avenue. Offering an experienced team of kindly trained speech therapists and speech language pathologists (SLPs) who specialize in children and adult stuttering. Contact number 323.954.0887


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2015 --In recent medical statistics display roughly one percent of adults and three percent of children suffer from stuttering. LA Speech Therapy Solutions leads as one of the top medical services in the country with a team of stuttering specialist dedicated to curing and minimizing the number of adults and children who suffer from this condition.

LA Speech Therapy Solutions' friendly staff of professionals offers a caring attitude to patient care. The multi-directional approach involves a front of the line facility that promises to provide the quickest and most comprehensive results from incorporating current research studies and existing medical research to the state-of-the-art stuttering treatments.

LA Speech Therapy Solutions provides full support to the parents of the children with stuttering disorders. They provide family training, counseling, and supportive services throughout the given treatment process. LA Speech Therapy Solutions delivers a wide-ranging individualized stuttering therapy treatment that carefully tailors to each child and family member. They help children develop strategies to surpass stuttering and speak with certainty. Whether the child is delaying, getting stuck or repeating words, LA Speech Therapy Solutions can help the child speak with confidence, ease and a smoother tone.

About LA Speech Therapy Solutions
LA Speech Therapy Solutions concentrates in a broad range of voice therapy options, which include treatment programs for those who endure horse or breathy speech and low voice quality. With a large staff of professional speech therapists on board, each having their own areas of specialty provides advocacy services to preschools, elementary schools and offices. When the disorder is caught in the its early stages, the team of voice therapists is able to prevent both children and adults from future emotional distress to gain a more confident way of living without stuttering.

La Speech therapy solutions in Los Angeles offering stuttering therapy services. Located at 117 N. Highland Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036 | Contact number 323-954-0887 Fax: 323-272-6480 | Email: