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HR Virtuoso Company Founder Liz D'Aloia Named Plaid for Women Content Expert

HR Virtuoso Mobile Recruiting Software Company Founder Liz D'Aloia blogs about careers, staffing, gender bias, and much more for Plaid For Women. Plaid For Women is about "The Business of Life" and is an online and live networking platform for women.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2015 --HR Virtuoso is pleased to announce that founder Liz D'Aloia has agreed to be a regular power blogger for Plaid For Women.

Plaid For Women is media and blogging site about "The Business of Life" that helps women achieve goals, get connected and be heard. In addition to a robust website with blogs and member interaction, the site also offers radio and TV channels for content sharing. Plaid For Women is a unique platform because, in addition to the online information, members also participate in live events.

Plaid For Women recently launched a #NoMeanGirls campaign. The campaign is aimed at helping women to become aware of ways to eliminate "mean girl" behavior in their lives. Mean Girl behavior includes: destructive gossip, criticizing others based on looks, excluding other women, enjoying when other women fail, and fearing other women's success. Plaid For Women has a kickstarter campaign to support this effort.

D'Aloia's first blog in the series is entitled "The Evolution of Mean Girls" and explores how mean girls evolved from the 1960's office Queen Bee, how insecurity can lead to the mean girl syndrome, and the lessons that mean girls can teach all of us -- men and women. She notes that as the unemployment declines, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to hire qualified candidates, and they need to be mindful of their recruiting brand and reputation. Other blogs explore how to identify career options and gender bias in the workplace.

Plaid For Women CEO and Co-Founder Shivaun Palmer stated, "We're thrilled to have Liz D'Aloia blog for us. Her unique perspective from both an HR and employment law viewpoint make her articles interesting and engaging. Liz has a diverse background, having worked in the legal, supply chain, transportation, retail, call center, and mortgage industries. We are very fortunate to have join us as a business content expert, especially since many of our members work for or own and operate their own businesses -- in every imaginable industry."

Liz D'Aloia added, "I'm a huge fan of the #NoMeanGirls campaign, of Plaid For Women, and of Shivaun Palmer. Many Plaid For Women are small business owners, and it's an honor to write about mobile recruiting software, talent acquisition, human resources, careers, and employment law for the organization. I look forward to helping women learn more about these areas. Plaid For Women offers an exciting and engaging platform that helps women learn from each other."

About HR Virtuoso Company
HR Virtuoso was founded in 2013. Based in Dallas-Ft. Worth, the company provides custom mobile recruiting software solutions for high volume hourly recruiting in the transportation, logistics, restaurant, hospitality, and staffing industries. HR Virtuoso partners with companies to develop a short form employment application that is accessible on any mobile device. Simplicity is the key to our success; it only takes candidates minutes to apply for jobs.

About Our Founder, Liz D'Aloia
Prior to founding HR Virtuoso Company Liz D'Aloia served as a Senior Employment Counsel and as a VP of HR in the transportation, retail, and mortgage industries. Liz believes that companies with high volume hourly recruiting needs must have deep candidate pools. She developed HR Virtuoso to give employers the talent pools they need to make smart decisions and is committed to making the system affordable for companies of all sizes.