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Muscle Farm Crossfit Fort Lauderdale Offer Unloaded Bootcamp for Starters

Sculpt Your Body to Perfection with a Customized Workout Plan


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2015 --Toned gams and chiseled abs are just some body goals both women and men dream of achieving. Crossfit has taken over the world by storm. Crossfit is a form of exercise that suits people of all ages and is designed to meet different skill levels through functional movements. With that said, one's program can be customized with the assistance of a certified crossfit trainer.

Crossfit is not just a fitness trend it has also reshaped lives. Whether you need a change in your body or lifestyle or even both, Crossfit training is the way to do it. In its new area, Muscle Farm Crossfit Fort Lauderdale offers a starter program called "Unloaded Bootcamp"for Crossfit newbies.

What is it all about? The UNLOADED program is specially designed for the beginner athlete that would like to achieve the crossfit body – sculpted to perfection -without using complex movements. Crossfit basically consists of hundreds of movements with varying degrees of complexity. The program aims to give you the sculpted body you want using customized movements that meet your stamina. With UNLOADED, the program does not include snatches, cleans, muscle ups and other movements that would make you feel uneasy. As you get stronger over time, all athletes are welcome to join full crossfit workouts or continue with the UNLOADED program.

The UNLOADED boot camp also caters to athletes who choose to participate in triathlons, obstacle racing, endurance events and long distance runs. The objective of this program is to improve work capacity and improve endurance. Compared to other boot camp programs, UNLOADED mimics crossfit workouts with the goal to boost overall core conditioning and strength.

Interested? If you're from Miami, there's a newly opened Crossfit Fort Lauderdale gym you can check out. Muscle Farm Crossfit program rates depends on the duration of your commitment to train. A program costs $195 per month, a six month commitment costs $175 per month and a one year commitment is at $150 per month. Special discounts are given to Police, military and fire personnel while walk-ins are welcome to try out a session.

For the UNLOADED program, Muscle Farm offers a 15% discount to participants who register online through

About Muscle Farm
Muscle Farm has coaches available in their newest location to brief and guide trainees or athletes through their trainings. Crossfit, all in all, can aid in reversing health issues, condition the bogy against injury, give you a better physical appearance, sharpen skills and reflexes and improve concentration and problem solving.

For more information on Muscle Farm Crossfit Fort Lauderdale UNLOADED Bootcamp, go to or visit Muscle Farm #1255 N. Flagler Drive Fort Lauderdale.